Amazon Find: Comfiest Skirt Ever! Esteez Skirt in Brooklyn



I started to wear skirts 10 years ago and never went back to pants. Now finding a really great comfy skirt isn’t all that easy. I don’t like A-line skirts, they just don’t suit my body type- maybe ill wear one once in a while. So I have been on a mission to find the best, cutest and trending pencil skirts. All was going well until I had my kids, my hips grew in size- my hips expanded two sizes up to be exact. So, I have an excuse to get more shopping done. I never was too big on online, just because its easier to go out. Until the kids came along- not only my skirt size changed but, everything changed. Like mom parents,I just don’t have the availability like I used to -my kids go every where I go, so taking them clothing shopping gets a little bit tricky. Don’t get me wrong there are days I do get to go shopping by myself but sometimes online shopping will do.


I ordered this skirt by word of mouth & fell in love with it. The quality is great, has a great a stretch to it, and just fits great!’ There are no buttons or zippers which I really e joy because zippers are annoying, they always open up, unlike this where it’s just an easy slip on. The skirt I am wearing in the photo is the CornFlower Blue Skirt and plan on getting more colors ( I will add more photo’s soon!)

You can get it on Amazon and it comes in 8 different colors. The sizing ranges from  0 to 18plus, awesome right?



Megan Markle’s Wedding Makeup, Hair & Dress Details!

The wedding of the year has finally come around and I missed it! Yes I am ashamed of myself but I didn’t freak out because I knew youtube would have it seconds later. Well I only saw it 3 days later- talk about procrastinating right? I was uber excited, but when I was saw her dress and makeup I was surprised to see how simple it was, don’t get me wrong it was beautiful, elegant & simple. Women around the world probably wore a similar dress, but common your marrying a prince, she couldn’t think of something more creative? 2 Billion people around the world have tuned in to watch (except me) the royal wedding.

Princess Diana & Kate Middleton had such beautiful wedding dresses, the excitement and anticipation was felt around the world. For Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s wedding it was nothing short of that, probably even more eagerness awaited there wedding because she is an American, whoop whoop!

Nearly all the news channels talked about Megan Markle and Prince Harry, ugh I couldn’t get enough, I was really excited. Honestly had my standards set high,- maybe a little bit too high.  I’ll break down as much as I can from hair to the jewelry pieces and last but not least the dress.


Megan 3Meghan Markle wearing a messy bun and veil. Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Makeup & Hair Breakdown


Her makeup artist Daniel Martin, who is a Dior and Honest Beauty ambassador & a long time well known friend of Megan. Martin has been a friend of Markle’s for years, doing her makeup frequently for red carpets and press junkets. So he was pretty familiar with Megans makeup style.

Foundation is very sheer, you can see her freckles- safe to say there are no blemishes. Megan Markle stated multiple interviews that she hates when makeup artists or photo editors hide them. So Daniel Martin did a great of showcasing them, without making her skin look to bare. He also opt for a light smokey eye & fluttery lashes, with strong brows that where filled in in the most perfect way. Here lips had a sheer light lipstick on that faded away with time. A lot of women prefer to look like themselves on their wedding day, as apposed to drama and all that glam. It was Meghan, only better – natural beauty was enhanced but not exaggerated.

Meghan Markle’s makeup at the royal wedding is described by the beauty and lifestyle press as “refreshingly simple” & “natural beauty.”


megan markleMeghan Markle Wedding. Photo: Jonathan Brady/ Getty Images

Her Hairstylist Serge Normant styled her hair into a “messy bun”. Normant has a salon in New York and works with Sarah Jessica Parker & other a list celebrities. Her messy updo has a whole entire section on Pinterest dedicated to messy updo’s and simplistic makeup. This just might be a new trend, or it probably is trending.

meghanmarklesdetails-1526735442Getty Images
rs_1024x759-180519062714-1024-Meghan-Markle-Tiara-Royal-Wedding-LT-051918Royal Collection Trust/PA Wire
How stunning is this crown?  her look was topped off with this beautiful Tiara, alongside the “Galanterie de Cartier earrings” by French jeweler Cartier & bracelet. According to royal tradition, only married women are permitted to wear tiaras, though there have been some exceptions. The newly-minted Duchess of Sussex wore the Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara, which was loaned to the bride by the Queen.
Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau tiara is a diamond and opal-encrusted tiara that was commissioned for Queen Mary, wife of King George V, by English jeweler Garrard in 1925. As such, a wedding tiara holds particular significance as it is a sartorial symbol of a union and fidelity.

Dress Breakdown

gettyimages-960070870-1526736397800-meghanmarkle-weddingdress-gettyMeghan Markle entering St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle during their wedding service, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in Windsor, Britain, May 19, 2018. Getty Images


 Meghan’s super-simple wedding gown by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy has them feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful, but…. it’s a tad bit too simple. Even though its modest, clean & elegant something seemed off. Maybe it was the fit? Some people actually have voiced their opinions stating that her dress was a tad to big on her – which I totally agree with. But maybe that was the goal for her, maybe she did want to actually breath and be relaxed in the dress, it goes both way. But common, you are marrying the prince! Megan could’ve sucked it up for one day & should’ve gone for a more fitted look.  What do you think, let me know. I know I am not the only who was slightly disappointed by this simplistic theme.
Its an open beateau neckline, long sleeve, sinched in at the waist and flares out on the bottom. To be honest that was my favorite part of the dress, the Boat-neck, it 1accentuates her shoulders and neck beautifully -adding an elegant & sophisticated for the decollete area.
And how can I forget to mention the stunningly long veil, which is visibley longer then the hemline. My personal opinion on the veil is that it saved the whole look, maybe without it it would’ve looked too simple. Veil’s are an iconic piece to complete the bride wedding attire.

The official statement from the Palace:

“Ms. Markle and Ms. Waight Keller worked closely together on the design. The dress epitomises a timeless minimal elegance referencing the codes of the iconic House of Givenchy and showcasing the expert craftsmanship of its world-renowned Parisian couture atelier founded in 1952.

True to the heritage of the house, the pure lines of the dress are achieved using six meticulously placed seams. The focus of the dress is the graphic open bateau neckline that gracefully frames the shoulders and emphasises the slender sculpted waist. The lines of the dress extend towards the back where the train flows in soft round folds cushioned by an underskirt in triple silk organza. The slim three-quarter sleeves add a note of refined modernity.”

meghan-markle-givenchy-wedding-dress-sketchOriginal Sketch/ Getty Images
 This is the sketch of the wedding dress.
Comparing her to the Duchess of Cambridge –  who was careful to wear a look by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen- has my picking favorites. Kate definitely won the dress battle, since the time area is not to far apart, – if we where to compare Diana to Kate-  style hasn’t changed that much. I just love the lace detail and how her dress fits better and flairs out more. But that’s just my opinion.


Megan Markle did change into a beautiful Stell Macartney Dress afterwards. Can I let you in on a little secret? I like this dress much more then the original one she wore earlier.


Quickest Pick Me Up- Benifit’s Ooh La Lift

Ooh la lift 1

Ever since my children arrived on this planet I have been very sleep deprived;  and I thought staying up for finals was bad. Nothing compares to those grueling waking hours, feeding, changing etc… and as soon as I would shut my eyes, the sun would start to rise.  I didn’t really have the whole “under eye bag” situation until those consecutive sleepless nights added up. What did I do? I turned to my all time favorite Bobbi Brown Corrector to help, but then I had to add concealer and setting powder to complete the look. It was getting to much on the days I was running late – pretty much all the time- some days I wouldn’t apply any makeup. Then I would catch glimp’s of myself in a mirror and gasp, my under eyes where horrendous.

Ooh la lift 2


A couple of weeks ago I stopped of my moms to drop off the kids to get some shopping done for the kids. Then as usual I start snooping around my moms typical makeup drawer to quickly apply mascara and nothing else. Then I came across this Benifit’s Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener, I applied it under my eyes along with my one my favorite Loreal Telescope Mascara & quietly snuck out the door before my kids noticed. Later on in the day I caught glimpse of myself & I was amazed, its as if I’ve had a full 12 hours and 2 naps during the day. I looked so alive and refreshed, despite the fact that I only wore Mascara and The Ooh La Lift.  This product retails for $23 and has 0.25oz of product.

Ooh la lift 3


When I came back I asked my mom why she didn’t use and she said she doesn’t need it and was going to return it – I get it, this product isn’t for everyone- guess who went home with it? Yes, that’s right I did. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now when I have the “No Makeup Days”.

When I mean no Makeup Days I mean it, no blush, concealer etc… just the Ooh La Lift and I am out the door. Definitely, a product you need if you have had lack of sleep and your under-eye area is looking a bit dull or screaming for help.

Ooh la lift 4

For some reason this products is a highly under rated, not enough women use it nor talk about.  There are multiple ways to use this, alone or as  a primer because it gets your under eyes in shape ready for concealer. I like to apply a lot  of product and gently massage it into my skin swiping outwards, from my nose to the outer sides of my eye.

There really isn’t much to do with this product, just apply and wallah you are done.

What is your quick pick me up?

Let me know in the comments below!

Makeup Forever Pro Bronzer Fusion Review


The best part of makeup is that you can always have fun with it. Today’s beauty review will be on the Makeup Forever Pro Fusion Bronze. I have only been using it for a month but I am seriously committed. For the last year or two  I have been I using the Nars Laguna Bronzer and Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer. Don’t get me wrong those are pretty much on the top list of “my must repurchase if hit pan” list, but I can always make more room for more if necessary.  Now that summer is coming up I feel as if I need to always apply bronzer, because I don’t tan as fast or as well as other people. I can spend all day in the sun, the most I get is sun burnt.  After the sun burn fades away, all I am left with is a hint of a tan. My husband on the other hand gets gorgeously tan within an hour of stepping outside, I envy him!


The key to finding the right bronzer is that it isn’t too “orange”.  I’ve made that mistake plenty of times before. Most bronzer aren’t orange right off the bat per se, it’s all in the swatch; it also shouldn’t be a shimmery bronzer. The thing is with bronzers that have shimmer in them is that you apply the bronzer all over your face, not just the high points. We don’t want to have a shimmery chin and forhead, ew I know.  That is a highlighters job, its job is to highlight the face not the bronzer.


Makeup Forever 2.2. pngMakeup forever closed


I have wanted to try out this Bronzer for the longest of time. Before I purchase any beauty products I like to do extensive research, looking into the pros & cons. To my surprise I haven’t really found that many reviews on Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. Let’s just say this is a very underrated product, its time to bring light to it – a have seen a couple of makeup artist talk about it but not enough- and that is what this blogpost will do.


It retails for $36 and has 11g of product; I got the  shade 20m Sand, which is a more cool toned bronzer.


Online statement

What it is:
A gel-power bronzer that blends seamlessly for a lightweight, foolproof, luminous glow.What it does:
Pro Bronze Fusion’s unique formula allows you to sweep on a sunkissed radiance. Let skin impart a summer glow with a natural-looking, radiant finish that never looks powdery. Skin will appear healthy and glowing when you brush on this long lasting, waterproof bronzer that blends on like a second skin. For best results, apply with the 136 Pro Bronze Kabuki Brush.



  1. The packaging is sleek and has a sturdy- a couple of falls wouldn’t damage the product.
  2. The bronzer itself is smooth, glides on effortlessly with any brush that I use
  3. It’s versatile – like a lot of beauty products- I use this as a transition shade, contour for nose and etc…
  4. It actually last a a long time, is sweat proof and doesn’t move around.
  5. When I first apply the bronzer to the face, it doesn’t come off so strong & it’s not a bad thing its actually amazing because you want a natural, flawless build up. Blending and perfecting the bronze as you go along – I hate it when I pick up a product and a whole lot of powder comes out of it, its a waste of product and bound for error.
  6. Doesn’t come off orange, gives a natural glow.


Before bronzer

I am so pale when I apply my foundation, the foundation cancels out all the redness along side with all the warm/cool tones on the face. I have already done my eye makeup, my Cotton Candy Eye Tutorial, that I have showed done step by step on my Instagram account.

Sigma Angeled Contour Brush


I use Sigma Beautys  “Soft Angled Contour Brush” .  This brush is just perfect for contouring, bronzing & everything in between.

After Bronze


I also added the MAC’s Hyper Real Glow on my cheek bones, nose and a little bit on my chin.

What is your favorite bronze?

Let me know the comment below!

Trying out a new style, Berets!


I love wearing hats, headbands, scarfs etc… I never was into berets until I saw it on an actress, it just looked so beautiful on her. I ordered a cheap $12 berets on amazon. Outcome? I love how it looks on me, its easy to put on and its simple. A lot of women don’t wear berets now so that makes me feel some sort of way, like I am a trend setter. This photo isn’t the best because I took it with my Iphone 7,  spur of the moment type of thing. You can purchase this on amazon and it comes in a couple of different styles.

I know its spring already and guess what New York still feels like winter/fall and I am taking advantage of unruly season.

What fashion style do you like to rock?