Valentines Day Glitter Glam Tutorial

Valentines Day is coming up in a couple of days and what better way to enjoy the day with a glam look?
As shown in the photo’s there are 12 steps, in each step I let you know what products and brushes I used to recreate this look. Caution I do go into detail, explaining every step; whether you’re recreating this look or just trying to learn how to figure out which brushes are best for what. I want to provide you my most with this blogpost.
1.    Firsts things first, always prime the eyes if you want the eyeshadow to stand out. I started off by priming my eyes with MACs Paint Pot in “Soft Ocher”. you need to have a clean canvas whenever using bright colors. 
2.    For my transition shade I used MAC Blush in “Melba”— yes, you can use a blush as an eyeshadow!  You can use bronzer, highlighter, contour, all of them as an eyeshadow, you can mix and play around with makeup.
3.    Next, I applied the shadow “Gossip” from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. This shadow is a bright coral/pink shade with a small shimmer specs. I applied this shadow all over my lid with a flat shader brush from sigma beauty.
4.    Using an Angled shading eye brush from Luxie Beauty and swiped the color outwards, to create a more feline look. The reason why I like to use an angled brush is because of the angle of the bristle helps with the contour of the crease.
5.    To intensify the shade “Gossip” I used a bright red blush by Mac called “Apple”. Using a clean fluffy brush with no eyeshadow on it I gentley blending it into the outer corner.
6.    Taking my E20 Short Shader Brush from Sigma Beauty and smudging out the same shadow/blush underneath my eyes. Gently pressing it against my lower lash line. I stopped towards the center, I didn’t want to go to close to my inner corner, I left that out for the highlight. Also, I didn’t smoke it out because red isn’t the most flattering shade and can make my eyes appear as if I haven’t slept for the past couple of days.  The key to this step is to go with a light hand and not to blend it out.
7.    Then taking any black shadow, I used “Carbon” by MAC, then taking a Flat definer E15 brushby Sigma Beauty, lining my upper lash and lower lash. Mostly on the center and outer edges and taking it outwards to create a cat eye and on the bottom connecting it to the top on the out.
8.    Taking a clean, E25 Blending brushby Sigma Beauty, slightly dabbing it into the carbon shadow and sweeping it across my crease. I focus more on the outer corner and barely touching the skin when I reach my inner corner. When blending out a black eyeshadow it can get tough, even with a transition shade already there, the best way to use any black or dark eyeshadow is little to nothing, then slowly build up. I took the slightest bit and added it to my crease… a lot of blending was done to perfect this look, really a lot!
9.    Are you ready for the glitter awesomeness? I took my Too Faced Glitter Glue, applying it on the center and going inwards to my tear duct and then applied MACs Gold Glitter from the holiday collection. I really applied a generous amount, make sure to wipe off any fallout because you don’t want glitter everywhere.
10.Now for the fun part, I drew a thin 1” line on the center of my crease. Using my 710 Eye Liner brush by Bdelluim Tools , (best liner for eyeliners!) drawing on a wing liner. Using the Inglot Gel Liner 77 to the crease and drawing out a wing liner and lining the bottom lash line.
11.Now for some highlight action, I applied MACs “Nylon” to my brow bone and inner corner. I love this eyeshadow, really gives a beautiful glow. Then I added a cream/white eyeliner by L.A Girl.
12.Last but not least the Lashes, I wanted to keep the lashes a little bit simpler, so I added Red Cherry False Lashes. They are long and thinner then ones I am used. Then applying a generous coat of mascara too marry the false and real lashes together, then applying it on my bottom lashes.
And there you go, my Valentines Day Glam Glitter Eye look. I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what your makeup plans for valentine’s day will be! Will you go glam, simple, smokey eye? The possibilities are endless.

Dramatic NYE Makeup!

 Who is ready for a dramatic eye look this year? Whether its experimenting with brighter eye shadows or even adding a new product to your makeup routine, 2018 is about setting new goals and new ambitions. Lets start off the New Year right by being dramatic with your style and fashion statements!
1)   When I know I will be creating a darker more dramatic eye look, I started off with a bold brow (Filling it in with Anastasia Bh Brow Pomade) and a blank canvas for my eyes. I apply concealer around my eyes, and set it with a setting powder to prevent my eyelids from creasing. I used my Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
2)   Then with my Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush I applied Mac Single Shadow in Saddle. Going in with a heavier hand on the outer crease and a lighter on the inner. The reason why I applied more eyeshadow on the outer corner then the inner is simply because that’s where I focus most of my blending on later.
3)    Then I applied a Makeup Forever Single Eyeshadow in the shade …. and only applying it on the center of the lid and going outwards to the crease. I didn’t bring it into the creaser to much, because I don’t want this blue color covering my whole eye.
4)    Then I went in with a fluffy brush and start blending outwards to create a more feline look. This took time, so don’t rush, blending takes time and effort, if you must, keep on blending repeatedly till you create the desired shape. On the next I used a small strip of scotch tape to help with the black shadow, but you can use this step before hand.
5)   As you see, there is a piece of tape on the edge of my eye, why? This will simply help with creating a sharp edge without fussing with makeup removers or etc. I should’ve done this in the beginning but, it’s okay better late then never right? Then I start to add a black eyeshadow, I used the eyeshadow from the Urban Decay 2 Naked Palette Palette, the shade is Blackout. Adding this black shadow will really give that extra dimension.
6)   Once I have taken off the tape, you can see that crisp sharp line. I continued to blend out the black and blue together until It’s a soft finish, on the outer edge.
7)   Now time for the most exciting part, to cut the crease!  Now if you are not familiar with all together, cutting the crease means to create a separation between the crease and the lid. I used to struggle with this a lot, even as a makeup artist, this was hard to achieve. Until I learnt this nifty trick. I go in with a soft cream color primer or concealer. For this tutorial I went in with MAC Painterly Pot in Soft Ocher and applied it on the inner to center of the lid. Taking it above my crease to emphasize the crease even more. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t have a paint pot, you can try it with a concealer or even foundation, just use something that is the same tone or lighter as your skin. Taking this on the lid and right underneath the shadow when I start to hit the center, so there is a separation between crease and lid.
8)   Then I applied a Silver eyeshadow from Buxomin Pure Platinum. I applied this directly over the paint pot, then softly blending it out. I focus more on the center of the lid to have a gradient effect between the blue and silver shadow.
9)   Then I applied the famous Stila Liquid Glitter Shadow, in Diamond Dust over the lid. I am disappointed in the camera because It didn’t pick up the amazing quality and sparkle of the glitter. But its stunning, believe me when I say it!
10) Then I went in with the Inglot Gel Liner in 77, lining my Lid and water line, this really dramatized the whole look. If you want you can skip this part and just go straight to lashes, but I didn’t and love this part. This was a little bit hard to get over the glitter, so it took a good 5 minutes to go over the glitter. & I applied the MAC Loose shadow on my brow bone and inner eye corner in the Shade Vanilla (Soft Ivory)
11)    Then I applied my Kiss Lashes in Gala, they are dramatic and fluffy, what more do I need from a lash? On a side note, how beautiful does the eye lid looks with all those colors blending in together. Make sure you add mascara after you add the lashes so the fake and real lashes blend in.
12)    Last step is taking the Blue eye shadow and adding it along the lower lash line and gently smoking it out. You can even take a different color to make it more colorful and vibrant.


Here is my dramatic eye look for New Years Eve. I hope you everyone has a blessed and amazing 2018 and let me know how do you plan on spending your new years this year?

Stila- Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Eye Look



I love glitter, Ill shout it from the roof top… well I won’t ill just write it down in my blog-post. I love glitter, especially these Stila Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows, they are my new obsession! 
Stila has come out with their collection about a year or two ago and of course I am always late when it comes to buying the best sellers, lol #momlife.  Not an excuse I know but for me it is. Well when I purchased it and tried it out I knew I had to get more!
How to Use: 
Simple and easy, just apply straight from the tube with the doe foot applicator. You don’t need a primer base or eyeshadow, there is basically no fallout, and the sparkle is everything! I personally like to use with a flat shadier brush, I get more precise application. Just look at that sparkle, I mean who doesn’t love a sparkle? 
Price? –They Retail for $24 USD 
Is it a must to have? – Of course, if you are wanting an extra sparkle to add to your eye but don’t like the fuss of glitter glue and all that jazz this is an easy breezy product- The shade I used in this photo is Diamond Dust  


There are currently 15 shades, a couple are already out of stock because they were limited addition. I have provided a simple collage with all the shadows, not including the unlimited.  


Stila Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow  

  Now there are plenty of amazing bloggers out their that have reviewed this product so if you desire a complete and full review that provides in-depth details about every shade & swatch’s here is the blogpost –  Crystal-Candy-Makeup-Review 

What is your favorite glitter eyeshadows?  
Let me know in the comments below!

How I clean my brushes super fast!

I am going to let you in on a little secret, spot cleaning your brushes doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. This is a quick, easy and effective way to clean and sanitize your brushes; I wouldn’t recommend this technique every time you need to clean your brushes just because it can dry out the bristles. I usually wash my brushes with Shampoo and Olive oil, that will do the trick but like I said this is the fast and easy way to spot clean. The best part is that your brushes dry within a couple of minutes and the larger brushes I would give about 10 minutes to dry.  All you need are these four items.

  1. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  2.  A small bowl
  3. A dish rag you wont be using afterwards
  4. Your makeup brushes


It will all depend on how many brushes you have to clean, I have about 25 to clean today so this amount will be more then enough


(I poured a little bit more then I needed)


This is my foundation brush , as you can tell this brush is full of foundation and is in desperate need of cleaning


Add about 1/4 cup of alcohol, dip your brush in and swivel it, and push it against the bottom of the bowl, once you see the excess dirt in the alcohol, push the brush gently against the sides of the bowl so any excess alcohol can come out.
Spend about 20 seconds swishing your brush around, the product comes out instantly


You can see with this foundation brush how much product has come out. Wooah!, this cleaning was way over due!


 We aren’t done yet, to fully get all the product out we need to gently brush it against the dish rag, doing this for about 1 minute. Some times I would have to repeat this process more then once to get it fully clean.


This foundation brush is free from bacteria and the best part is that this dries within a couple of minutes!


Here is another photo of the same exact angled brush. The one on the left has been cleaned ( a little bit damp) unlike the one on the right which is filled with products.


Here is another photo, just look at all the eye shadow.
The brushes I have shown in this blog are the Luxie Rose Gold Collection. Unfortuntely these brushes are out of stock at the moment, I don’t know when they will be restocking but Here is the Link to their website if you interested
This is a safe and effective way to clean your brushes. Although I must warn you, please do not do this the apply makeup with these brushes without letting them dry.
Hope you enjoyed this little how-to!

Classic Makeup Look




Today I went with a classic look, a simple wing liner and a red lip.
(I forgot to add Mac’s Auburn Lipliner & Ardell Lashes to the picture.)
First I applied some concealer to my eyes as a base then added the color Mac’s  “Shroom” on my lid and brow bone. Then I sweep some saddle across my crease and under my eye from some depth. I love using Loreal Blackest Black gel eyeliner. Really amazing product, it last’s pretty much all day and gives a really black color. Since I didn’t add to much color to my eyes I decided to thicken my wing and took it down to my outer corner underneath my waterline, not taking in to far. Afterwards I applied some Ardell Lashes in “Glamour 105” ; they give a nice effect, somewhat natural appearance. Then some mascara on my bottom lashes, nothing fancy.
Once I was finished with my eyes I went on to my face and applied some foundation from Mac’s Minerelized skin finished with my real techniques foundation brush. Then concealer, using the Maybelline “instant age rewind concealer” blending it all in. Then I outlined my lips with Mac “Auburn” lipliner and filed them in with Lancomes “Labsolu Rouge 340 Rosette“.  Then I applied my favorite blush by Lancome “158 Peach Savvy“. As you can see this product is almost done with and I am using till my very last drop. Then last but not least I powder my face with Airspun Loose Powder all over my face. And we are pretty much done, hope you enjoyed this mini blog on my makeup of the day.