Summer Glow All Year Long With Charlotte Tilburys Unisex Glow

Theres only two ways to go around this product. Either you hate it or you love it, in my case I love it. This is a high end product retailing about for $40- yea I know I gasped too. I bought this product because of Wayne Goss- a youtube/makeup artist. He raved about this product, I had to find out about the hype. So this is my first ever Charlotte Tilbury product so it kind of has a special place in my heart. First off, the packaging is beautiful- white and gold has always been my favorite design combinations. When I first applied it I was excpeting something else, too look a different way; I felt confused and angry. I appeared to be orange, discolored and weird!


This product is suppose to mimic a healthy glow, like you have been out in the sun all day and come home with a goddess like tan. Well that wasn’t the case for me, it was more like a bad spray tan.  Fast forward a couple of months later, I decided to give it another go, and I realized the key to this primer is to wait. Ah, to wait, why didn’t I  do that in the beginning? The longer it stays on the face the more it works it magic, it slowly morphes into a a similar color of your skin tone. Weird, I know… At first I came off orange and sun burnt, then you keep on massaging it into the skin it slowly starts to blend in effortlessly and gives you a sweet sun kissed look. I think maybe about 10 minutes in you will see a goddess like glow. But I don’t wear it just alone, I apply foundation on top, then all the magical goodness illuminates.


Straight out of the tube the product is white, white! Don’t be deceived my friends- begin rubbing it into skin and it transforms from white to a deep terracotta. My only issue is that it might not work so well on deeper and darker skin tones. Ah, sorry my beautiful dark skinned followers, this product might not be for you. It does work well on pale to mid-tone-middle-eastern-olive-toned skin type of gal. If thats not the case with you, let know.


I am 100% the heat from the skin-to-skin contact helps the product work better. As far as ingredients go, there is the inclusion of humectants and antioxidants like glycerin and vitamin E. So I do use this a primer, it works really well as one. To be honest I don’t see any improvements in the long run but it doesn’t claim that it should- just wanted to throw that out there.


I don’t just were this product alone, I do apply foundation on top and blend it out with a beauty blender. A sheer coverage is my best option when using the unisex glow; I don’t know why the name of this product is called unisex because most men don’t really wear moisturizers or primers to say the least. (The ones I know at least)

I love this product, its easy and its my secret ingredient to my bridal cleints!

Let me know if you have ever used this product and what was your first Charlotte Tilbury Product.


Attention Oily Skin Gals: The Porefessional Invisible Finish Mattifying Gel Review!

If you are an oily type of gal then you must’ve been excited to click on this post. Trust me, I am just as excited to post this review, now get ready to throw away those blotting papers- okay don’t throw anything away unless you want to- now with that said lets begin this review!



Matte RescuePhoto Credit: Artistakay


This is the “Porefessional Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel”  from Benefit Cosmetics.  is a water-based gel primer with a matte finish. It minimizes the appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil for a natural matte finish and contains diamond powder to give it a soft-focus pore-blurring effect. Trust me when I tell you this, it works like magic on my oily skinned clients. I don’t have oily skin so this product isn’t a must for me, but for those who start producing oil within an hour really need this.

MAtte Rescue 2

This product does contain glyceran, so it will help your makeup last longer and adhere better. Now the product description doesn’t state that it is a primer, more of a “gel”, but I consider this as a primer. I have used this on a variety of skin types -including my self- and this product is just amazing. I can only praise it greatness, no harsh criticism needed.This product retails for $28 and contains 1.6 oz/ 47 mL.


Up close Gel.png

How to?

It works quite simply, just make sure you skin is freshly washed & apply it all over the face- or wherever you get oily. Wait 2-3 minutes then apply the foundation; usually you have to give primer’a some time to work its magic into the skin. If you are not a foundation type of gal, just use this gel/primer without any foundation, any way you wear it, it will work!


Let me know whats your favorite primer?


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Review- Another Fallout Issue?


Welcome back, i took a little blogging break to focus on life…

Okay, lets get started, I initially purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam” palette as a present for my mom, she doesn’t own a lot of makeup and I thought this would be an amazing add on to her humble collection. As for me I wouldn’t have really purchased this product for myself- I have more then enough neutrals in my collection.  I knew the warm colors would complimented my mothers skin ton perfectly, I’ve also read great reviews on it and the price point was pretty decent. She (Mama G) is a very simple women, so this palette was the perfect fit for her.

abh final 3


After a month I decided to check up on and see what she thought of the product, she told me to return it because its “too powdery” . I was in shock how can that be, she didn’t want it at all. I took it home and started to play around with the colors, testing them out with primer, concealer and how each shadow was with a different brush

Abh final 1


Maybe, this is the same situation as the Subculture palette. I personally never owned it but after watching countless beauty influence’s on Youtube complain primarily about the formula that was enough to make my decision. Thank goodness for those few honest bloggers/youtubers.



So I didn’t want  to return it and just kept it for myself. I mean how bad could this palette be?

Let start off with the shades, to my surprise these neutral shadows are work beautifully on every skin tone. I gave this palette a good go, on myself and my clients. The matte shades are more to the warmer side, with the exception of dusty rose, which is cool toned.  My favorite shadows is Orange Soda & Burnt Orange; they are perfect for transitioning and adding warm underneath the eyes. There are some very pretty dusky mauve roses here combined with sultry browns, shimmering golds, browns, and peaches. All together there are 14 shades and this palette retails for $42, luckily this isn’t limited so no pressure on purchasing anytime soon. This Soft Glam Palette can be purchased at Macys & Sephora.

9414784_fpx (1)9414786_fpx
9512811_fpx (1)(Photos taken from

The packaging is amazing, I love it- despite the fact it does get quite easily. (Sometimes I like to pick up the palette even when i am not using it to stroke the packaging. I love velvety feel if it – it has a relaxing feeling.)

Final Verdict:

This palette is amazing in so many ways but the biggest draw back is the fall out. It doesn’t fall apart when I dip my brush in it, but with one swoop there is a significant amount that can’t go unnoticed. Aside from the fallout, the colors are uber pigmented and blend out seamlessly. These eye shadows blend like a dream, seriously, its a no brainer when it comes to blending them. The pigments on every single shadow are intense,   It comes with a brush, which in is pretty good, I like using it.  The formula in this palette is very soft, sort of like room temperature butter. Which makes blending these shadows a dream, you really can’t mess up. This is my current favorite palette, I over look the fallout because this palette is really awesome! All the shades are beautiful and can work wonderfully on pretty much all skin tones. This is a great palette as long as you can over look the whole fallout issue, it’s worth it.  The palette is sturdy, not to heavy nor to light, and comes with a brush, and it’s a great brush too!

My Favorite color is Mulberry it’s the perfect purple reddish shade to add into the outer crease to spice up your look.

(A side note : don’t be rough with it, or else it might break. )


Let me know if anyone else had the same issue with the fallout!

Why Makeup Forever has the Best Metal Makeup Palettes!

Ill never forget my first Z-palette, it was a birthday gift from my sister- I was so excited I started depotting everything, eyeshadows, bronzer, blushes that night. It was perfect for when I traveled to makeup clients and over just having my less bulk in my makeup storage.

All was well until I started purchasing Mac single shadows. I realized that they would fall out of the Z-palette. But they wouldn’t stick to the z-palette- turns out they have crappy magnets. So I purchased the Mac empty palettes but still wasn’t satisfied because I had all my shadows in two separate palettes.  One big issue I had with both palettes was that the eye shadows always fell out! It was very frustrating, I was always fixing broken eye shadows, which got real messy and took time. Before I purchased I had done a lot of reviews and majority had great reviews. They did tweak the palette a little from the older version and raised the price. Ah… what a shame I came to late but what can I do? I waited till there was a sale and ordered the Makeup Forever Metal Palette but….the mac eye shadows still kept on falling out. Long story short the magnet on the back of the Mac eyeshadows sucks, I don’t know why but they do. Ugh… I had to replace all of the backs on them and wallah, all my single beauties fit in this XL Palette.


Don’t get me wrong both the Mac and Z-palette where great but I needed something much much stronger for traveling.

mufe 3.png

Review: The magnetic back on this palette is really strong, its all metal tin and has a see through top. It’s very durable and strong- you shouldn’t really throw it around to test it out, haha. It’s light weight and holds a great amount of shadows. The only problem I have with this palette is that it has this weird 1/2″ space between my regular sized eyeshadows so I have to piece them together in a honeycomb way. But that really isn’t an issue that would prevent me from purchasing more of these palettes. There really isn’t much to say about to it except that its great.


This palette is a labor of love, seriously.

mufe 2.png


I have accumulated all of these shadows over the past 3 years,  so it took a defintely took a while to build up. But that’s a beauty of it, you slowly build up your own palette. Even if you are not a makeup aritst I always suggest to my friends who want to get the “best” without spending an arm and a leg on a palette. Go to MAC, Makeup Geek, Colour Pop, Luxie Beauty, Makeup Forever etc… there are endless options when it comes to companies that sell their own individual eyeshadows. I highly recommend the Makeup Geek or MAC cosmetics eyeshadows.

MEtal Palette

On the left side are MAC cosmetics eyeshadows. The larger pans are the MAKEUP Forever Eyeshadows which has discontinued, I emailed them several times but they changed around the formulas and pigments, so I can’t even compare. Sorry guys! On the right side the are the Buxom eyeshadows.   

These currently are my favorite shadows that work well in my makeup kit.

Names for eyeshadow


Quickest Pick Me Up- Benifit’s Ooh La Lift

Ooh la lift 1

Ever since my children arrived on this planet I have been very sleep deprived;  and I thought staying up for finals was bad. Nothing compares to those grueling waking hours, feeding, changing etc… and as soon as I would shut my eyes, the sun would start to rise.  I didn’t really have the whole “under eye bag” situation until those consecutive sleepless nights added up. What did I do? I turned to my all time favorite Bobbi Brown Corrector to help, but then I had to add concealer and setting powder to complete the look. It was getting to much on the days I was running late – pretty much all the time- some days I wouldn’t apply any makeup. Then I would catch glimp’s of myself in a mirror and gasp, my under eyes where horrendous.

Ooh la lift 2


A couple of weeks ago I stopped of my moms to drop off the kids to get some shopping done for the kids. Then as usual I start snooping around my moms typical makeup drawer to quickly apply mascara and nothing else. Then I came across this Benifit’s Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener, I applied it under my eyes along with my one my favorite Loreal Telescope Mascara & quietly snuck out the door before my kids noticed. Later on in the day I caught glimpse of myself & I was amazed, its as if I’ve had a full 12 hours and 2 naps during the day. I looked so alive and refreshed, despite the fact that I only wore Mascara and The Ooh La Lift.  This product retails for $23 and has 0.25oz of product.

Ooh la lift 3


When I came back I asked my mom why she didn’t use and she said she doesn’t need it and was going to return it – I get it, this product isn’t for everyone- guess who went home with it? Yes, that’s right I did. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now when I have the “No Makeup Days”.

When I mean no Makeup Days I mean it, no blush, concealer etc… just the Ooh La Lift and I am out the door. Definitely, a product you need if you have had lack of sleep and your under-eye area is looking a bit dull or screaming for help.

Ooh la lift 4

For some reason this products is a highly under rated, not enough women use it nor talk about.  There are multiple ways to use this, alone or as  a primer because it gets your under eyes in shape ready for concealer. I like to apply a lot  of product and gently massage it into my skin swiping outwards, from my nose to the outer sides of my eye.

There really isn’t much to do with this product, just apply and wallah you are done.

What is your quick pick me up?

Let me know in the comments below!