Best Mascara Tip Ever | How to Correct Mascara Mistakes // Artistakay

I know, I know this should’ve been posted a long ago, I don’t know why I have never written about it. I always show this tip on my Instagram stories, but never fully explained it on my blog. To tell you the truth, there is not much to explain. It’s quite simple; I learned this trick from YouTube beauty guru Tati Westbrook, who is kind of awesome.

Millions and I really do mean millions, of women have made this mistake in the past, or you are probably doing it right now as we speak. Well have no fear, I am here to show you how to clean up this mess. Well, wouldn’t it be better to prevent it? I guess it would but I don’t have the time to add shadow cards or other unnecessary items, it really does just take practice and skill to make sure your mascara get on your lashes and lashes only. We all make beauty mistakes and this one can be fixed easily with just a spooly.

Yes, I said Spooly; do not, I repeat!, do not pick up the Q-tip and try to smudge it away. That will make things worse, a lot worse. You will end up smudging off your makeup, and there is nothing worse then a spot of eyeshadow or foundation missing. B

Before you do anything you must let the mascara dry, if not then you will just be moving around wet mascara. So I will repeat myself, let the mascara dry. Now, once its dried up, take a clean spooly and just gently rub/scrape it off. A few swipe and it should scrap it all off. Simple right? If you don’t own a spooly, please go out and get one, its a an essential makeup brush that I use on the daily for multiple reasons. You can get two on Amazon for $5.99.

Alright, my job here is done (sort of) as you can see my face is mascara mess free, but I urge you please don’t use waterproof mascara unless you really need it. It’s much harder to get off when it water proof. My favorite mascara to use is the Loreal Paris Voluminous Lashes.

What’s your favorite Mascara and how do you manage to fix your mascara mistake?

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