Pearl Hair Clip Trend 2019| Amazon Steals!

I am the least trendiest when it comes to fashion; despite being a Fashion Design student at the Art Institute of New York; I go by my own rhythm. I dress as comfortable as I can. I am in no way one of those women who sacrifice comfort to look stylish, but that a whole other topic, I don’t mean to get of topic here. But I’ll admit one little secret, I love accessories and when I saw how trendy headbands and faux pearl clips where becoming i immediately started to look on Amazon to see what i can find.

To my surprise, I found a great deal on Amazon. A set of 8 for $9.99. That is an awesome deal, I get frequently get asked where I get my hair clips from, and I just tell them amazon. Now I did loose two of them, so I couldn’t photograph the full set. Sad, I know. My favorite ones are the ones i am wearing, they are the thinner ones, because i can stack them up and of course the one I lost –the rectangular clip with the point. The best part is, that these clips aren’t age restricted, My style my two year old daughters hair with these clips and we match, how cute!

Amazon Hair Clip
Acrylic Hair Clip

Do you like to rock hair accessories? Let me know.

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