Benefits Cheekleaders Bronze Squad Review; $60 | Artistakay

I have been eyeing this bronze palette since I saw it on and always put it off, I assumed it was a limited value palette; which it is so buy fast- and brushes it off. As the weeks went by I saw it in Ulta Beauty and contemplated whether I should purchase it or not, instead i picked up the Anastasia Contour Kit; which by the way is amazing. A week later I went into sephora to pick up skincare products and displayed at the front of the store was the Benefit Cheekleaders Bronze Squad, I told myself this is an omen, I must get it.

Benefit Cosmetics Cheekleaders Cheek Palette in “Bronze Squad”

There are several options when it comes to this type of set, they have two . First one is the one I got, the “Bronze Squad” . This Palette focuses on bronzing, as the title name states. The colors pair perfectly with each other. This can be used on fair to medium skin tone. The other palette is the “Pink Squad” I’m guessing you can already tell what this palette can be used for. The price is amazing on this because you get 5 full sized products for the price of 2 products if you where to buy separately. I was kind of confused at the price, I couldn’t believe how affordable it is. A Benefit “Hoola Bronzer” will cost you $30 for a regular size. In those two palette, all the products are full sized for $60. Yes I know, I typed it the correct way $60!; this deal is the king of all deals. Its marketed at $145 value; I mean, whats there to say no to?

Benefits CheekLeader Bronze Squad Palette

From the Top Left, “Gold Rush” is a rose blush with gold reflects. The Top Middle is a highlighter is a beautiful warm ton highlighter that looks wet when applied. The Top Right is Hoola Caramel which is a Warm Ton Bronzer. Bottom from Left to Right is the Original Hoola, and Coralista is a peachy/rosey blush. And it comes with a little brush, which I don’t really use. I like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills “A23 Large Diffuser Brush“; I use to for everything, but that is for another post

For this glowly and bronzey look , I applied “Hoola Caramel” on the outer perimmiters of the face and went in with coralista blush. Last but not least I added the “Cookie” highlighter.

If anyone seems interest in these statement earrings, they are from Amazon for $10.

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