Filling in my eyebrows with the Urban Decay Brow Blade & Product Review

My favorite place to shop hands down is *Macy Herald Square in NYC. They recently added a new section called the Sweet Shop, its a beauty section. filled with mini to full sized samples of best sellers and every 6 to 9 months they change it around. This seasons theme is called the “Sweet Shop”, candy jars filled with mini sized beauty products, a little stand where you can take photo’s and candy of course!

So I did a little bit of digging around and came across the Urban Decay brow blade, now I am hard core fan of the* Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and other brow products from her line. I couldn’t stray away until I came across The* Urban Decay Brow Blade. in “Brown Sugar” The sales lady swatched a view shades of the brow blade unto my hand and I really was impressed by the sharpness of the felt tip. The * Urban Decay Brow Blade. in “Brown Sugar” . I will admit it is a little bit on the more pricier side but its dual sided so you get double your moneys worth. It retails for $26 and is 100% cruelty free! There are currently 7 shades and Brown sugar is the lightest.

The only part i was kind of wary of was the “waterproof” concept because I’ve had lots of brow products that claimed to be waterproof but came off with a single drop of water. I was going to purchase it either way until I asked for makeup remover, that’s when I was completely blown away, it really took a good rub to get it off. She didn’t give me a a cheap makeup remover, she gave me an oil based makeup remover! .

The Brow Blade is pretty awesome, the felt tip is the star of the show, you can get really precise with the strokes and cheat your way into a fuller and thicker brow. For the mechanical pencil side……ahhh lets just say it need some tweaking. What do i mean by tweaking? Maybe changing up the formula a little bit. It’s too dry, so I had a little bit of a tough time with it crumbling away, but to be far i forgot to close it one day. Now i had done that same mistake with the Anastasia Beverly hills brow pencil and it had not dried out nor crumbled on me. If urban decay does decided to make this one with a felt tip and a brow spool I would get them in a couple of more shades.


Here is a video from my IGTV showing you how I fill in my brows with the Urban Decay Brow Blade.

Let me know, which products do you use to fill in your brows with?

All links in this post are affiliate links. If a product is marked with a * it has been linked to an affiliate website.

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