Lip Products I’ve Been Enjoying Lately..| Rimmel, L’Oreal, Buxom, Revlon & more…

Hello beauties, for todays post I wanted to show you what ,my favorite lip products are. Lets get started. The first product I will mention, is the Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm. This product was just casually sitting around at the sephora check out aisle. I purchased this for $18 and I am in love. I usaully put this on while I start my makeup routine and when its time to apply the lipstick I just gentely wipe this off, my lips feel smooth and ready for the day.

Now for Lip products, The first product is a Liquid Lipstick by Rimmel London from their “Stay Satin” collection, its creamy and velvety. It doesn’t dry down matte, I can go up to 3 layers with this lipstick without it flaking off. I also will add that is is hydrating, and leaves a stain on the lips, which I enjoy, because once the lipstick is off completely I don’t always have the product on me to reapply. So that is always an added bonus.

With flash

This product is my to go lip gloss, it’s the
Buxom Lip-gloss in “White Russian” . This Gloss shear but has a slight color to it; It has a plumping effect so it makes me lips plump up just the slightest bit. When It’s applied my lips, I start to feel a hint of a tingling sensation. For nights that I go out, I love to pair it with MAC lipliner in Hover. For me, its the perfect combination.

I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Matte Lipstick set and fell in love with these two shades. Cotton candy, the more lighter rose color and Plumeria the darker violet color. The other two shades, I wasn’t such a fan off, but these two are divine. You can find the mini sets at Ulta, Macys doesnt sell them anymore.

Cotton Candy

These two shades are one of my most recent drugstore purchases. They are from Revlon’s Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick, Obsessed isn’t even the right word, especially the shade “Red Rules the World”, the perfect dark red shade. I love it, the other shade is Forward Magenta, a basic magenta shade. I love to wear these two lipstick’s when my eyes are more on the bare side, maybe just a little bit of mascara and I apply either of these lipsticks and I am out the door.

Red Rules the World
Forward Magenta

This L’Oreal Rouge Signature Light Weight Liquid Lipstick is seriously light weight! It really is, I was so surprised by the fluidity of this liquid lipstick. It dries down pretty quick, doesn’t dry into rough flaky patches, more of a light airy feel. I layered maybe 4 times in this photo. It is transferable, but once all the product is off the lips, it leaves a stain. Which is great, and when I say it leaves a stain, it leaves a stain. Not even makeup remover can get this off, so beware I have warned you, once this product is one, its not going to come off easily. I purchased the shade, “I Represent“, a vibrant hot pink color. It’s quite easy to use because of the applicator, its pointed. Nothing makes life easier then a pointed applicator, you can be more precises with lining the edges of your lips with out error.

“I Represent”

Next up is the Smash Box Gloss Angeles Lipgloss in “Surf Bunny” its a more opaque lip gloss, it doesn’t get sticky or gloppy. This shade is a Coral Pink color and it matches my face well. Not all pinks match everyone, make sure you know which one will look best on you.

There it is, I hope you enjoyed these photos! These products where tough to narrow down, let me know what are your favorite lip products?

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