Coffee Monday|New Years, New Goals & New Ambitions.

I know the new year has officially begun 7 days ago but, never the less I still wanted to get this post up. It’s a long one so get your reading glasses on.

It’s always the same story every new year, it’s all about resolutions, goals and etc… but who actually accomplishes their goals? I know I don’t. Every year I tell myself the same thing or just subconsciously think to myself ” oh I’ll do this and that” but never put too much thought into it. Until this year, I saw Mimi Ikonn talk about how she and her husband had written down their goals for this year. That got me thinking, I never really wrote down my goals nor put much thought into them.

I’m pretty sure we all have basic goals we want to achieve like, graduate college, get married, get the dream job etc… but do we ever write them down? I don’t journal nor write everything down. I do like to plan; that’s a different topic, but I don’t recall ever putting my goals and ambitions into a piece of paper. At 26 years of age this is my first time putting a lot of thought, not effort- just thought into what I want from this upcoming year. I am not talking about the basic’s, it’s more in-depth and wholehearted.

As you see in this photo I haven’t written anything down yet, I decided to keep my goals private, something that I will hold dear to my heart. I will put away this list and look back at it periodically.

One of the main reason’s I really wanted to start of the new year by doing this was that I get uber excited when I think of what goals I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I start them off with a bang, tell the whole world what I am going to do. I feel so strong and invincible than a couple of weeks or maybe months I start to get sidetracked ( sound familiar?) Then eventually have to remind myself that you actually started something. After a while, I just feel defeated because I haven’t completed what I set out to do. That is why I will look back periodically to see where I am, this 2019 Goal sheet will remind me of what is dear to my heart and why I need to finish what I start.

In the moment of chaos and hardship, we tend to think negatively about ourselves. I decided to write down ” Don’t Give Up” no matter how tough the days, weeks or even months that I won’t give up. It can something as simple as reading a book, a makeup look or something harder like weight loss and improving my relationship between my family, spending less time on my phone and more effort on my children. Whatever the goal may be I hope we all can push ourselves to accomplish what seems impossible. I want to know what goals have you set for this upcoming year?

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