My On-The-Go Face Palette|NARS Cheek Studio Palette

This palette was a gift from my sister for my 24th birthday. Yes, I have had this palette for two years and its still going strong. She knew I was growing in my makeup artistry and got me this amazing NARS Cheek Studio Palette, it is the perfect palette. This is also my first Nars product, so the excitement was real! The bronzer is my favorite; I never knew how great the Laguna bronzer is, despite hearing from several people that its bomb. 

Nars new


I’ll start off by letting you guys know what I love about this palette. Everything, I love everything except the contour shade. It just wasn’t the contour shade I was used to, I love my Kat Von D Shade + Light palette and stick to that.  The Contour and Setting Powder is a Duo that can be bought separately on Nars website, the shade name for that duo is called PALOMA. Unfortonelt the blushes are not sold separately on their website, I searched high and low on google but to no avail, I wasn’t able to find these blushes. But my favorite blush I seemed to be most drawn to is the Antique Rose — on the far right.

Also…..I managed to drop this palette more then a couple of times and the contour shade broke! I managed to put it back together with isopropyl alcohol. It doesn’t look as nice as the other ones but it’s intact.  

Nars close up

Another feature I enjoy about this palette is that its front cover and inside is mirrored. It’s a larger mirror then most palettes offer so it comes in handy most of the time. 

The blushes are more on the sheer side, they aren’t full of impact, you have to add it up. Sometimes I like to swivel my blush brush through all the blushes and it creates this beautiful deep rose color.

The only website you can purchase this on is 

This palette sells for $55 on the Ulta website. 

Information from

  • Paloma Contour Blush (pink beige) (0.12 oz)
  • Paloma Contour Blush (deep rose) (0.12 oz)
  • Laguna Bronzing Powder (diffused brown powder w/ golden shimmer) (0.29 oz)
  • I (icy lilac) (0.12 oz)
  • II (peach sunset) (0.12 oz)
  • III (shimmering rose peach) (0.12 oz)
  • IV (antique rose) (0.12 oz) 

I’ll leave it at this and I want to know what is your favorite blush & bronzer?


Have a great day!




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