The Palette I’ve Been Reaching for Lately|Natasha Denona 08 Palette Review

I have been using this palette for about two months, and I love it. Before reviewing any product I love to give it a great go. I’ve created endless look’s and wore this palette out a lot. Almost everything you can expect of in a palette it’s here. This Natasha Denona palette is my first ever, so it kind of holds a special in my makeup collection. This palette is something I reach for whenever I am in a hurry because it’s sort if hassle-free, one swipe on the lid and it looks beautiful.


o8 palette

I have to start off with complimenting the palette design, its sleek and slim. Simple to use really, nothing too crazy. I love the packaging, its clean and simple.

Now on to the shadow’s themselves. First off, these are all shimmer shadows; I would’ve appreciated just one matte to work as a transition shadow. These shadows are incredibly soft to the touch so I have to be careful with how I handle it. You can see most of them have a dent in them. There are 5 shimmer shadows, Glaze, Smokey Quartz, Golden Rose (My favorite) Dark Sepia, and last Golden Beige.

o8 palette with names


The only shadow I have issues with is the Golden Beige, it breaks very easily. I have never dropped this palette and it has cracked on the edges a few times. It’s not to bad because I just put the shadow together by patting it in with my index finger.

08 palette 2

What drew me in about this palette was the Dark Sepia color. It’s perfect for a smokey eye but still wearable. It’s a beautiful dark olive color. The second shade I knew I had to have the was Golden Rose. You can see the base shade is a pink, but when applied it’s an iridescent golden pink; beautiful I know. The best part is that all of these shadows blend wonderfully, despite being shimmer they are a dream to work with. It work’s even better with a primer or base on the lid and for more impact just wet your makeup brush with setting spray or mist and the colors are divine.

08 palette 3


The swatches on my hand do not have any sort of primer underneath. Just look at that Golden Rose Swatch! All of these colors are versatile, you won’t look like your trying to hard with these. They do the job for you. I mainly wear them on my lid and add other colors from different palettes.


Price: You can purchase this palette at Beautylish, even though the package design is a tad bit different, the quality of the shadows are still the same. It retails for $48, which is a lot for some people, but if you break it down, its $9 + change per shadow. There are thirteen palettes to choose from if the Olive palette is not your cup tea. swatches

On my eye’s I tried to combine most of the shadows, but the one that didn’t show up was Glaze.

Natasha new

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to purchase another Natasha Denona Palette just because it break’s quite easily but I do have my eye on the new cranberry palette.




This palette is screaming my name….It’s on my holiday wish list!zb_p (1)


Let me know if you have any Natasha Denona palettes and if so, what’s your experience?

2 thoughts on “The Palette I’ve Been Reaching for Lately|Natasha Denona 08 Palette Review

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Okay these shades look SO gorgeous and I’m not at all surprised why you’ve so often reached for Golden Beige – what a gorgeous, Autumnal shade! x

    Liked by 1 person

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