You won’t believe the power of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks

super ink 2

super ink 3

Left to Right- Pioneer, Ruler, Lover, Poet

One thing worst then buying crap makeup is wasting money on crap makeup, I know we have all been there one time or another. Well waste no more because these I have found a great and affordable Liquid Lip; my struggle to find a great affordable matte lipstick is finally over! I have purchased so many and just gave up at this point. The reason why I picked up the Maybelline Superstay Ink Liquid Lipstick was I swatched a couple of lipsticks on my hand and didn’t think much of it. The next day I noticed I still had the lipstick stains on my hand. I knew I had to buy at least one and try it out on my lips, even though these liquid lips came out last year & there are probably a ton of blogs out there talking about this product, I wanted to test it out for myself… Now you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with drugstore matte liquid lipsticks? Well if you must know, the formulas tend to be more on the drier side, causing my lips to feel dried out and the lipstick cracks away which is disgusting, who wants their lips to crack and crumble away?
super ink 3

Left to Right- Pioneer, Ruler, Lover, Poet

First Impressions: The packing is sleek and easy to use, it doesn’t splatter when you open the tube, which has happened with some liquid lipsticks that I have had. The applicator makes it super easy to work with, the tip of the applicator is precise, making it easier to line the lips without messing up. The Liquid Lipstick is glossy in the beginning, after 3 minutes it dries down and becomes matte. It glides on smoothly; the color is opaque and saturated and is no patchy. In the beginning, it appears to be wet and shiny, then It dries down matte, more of a velvety matte per se. When pressing the lips together it doesn’t have a sticky or tacky feeling. But, I must caution you, it will transfer on your teeth within the first few minutes, so double check your teeth.!
Now time for the real question, how long do they last on the lips?
Maybelline Super Stay Liquid Lipstick claims a 16-hour wear, with which I disagree with. In my experience, it lasted a good 4 hours without any fading or wearing off. After the 4thhour it started to fade away and gather in small clumps. It wasn’t terrible but manageable.
I applied the Super Stay Liquid Lipstick at 11:00am and wore it though out the day without any touch-ups. That meant eating, drinking, kissing my babies etc.. And the results? Well you can see in the photo below for yourself.
The second photo was taken at 8:00 pm after I gave my kids a bath, (which is more like a tsunami) and the lipstick didn’t run, safe to say it’s waterproof too. It did leave a stain after it faded away from my top lip. On the bottom lip I applied two coats (which you shouldn’t do, the more layers you add the heavier it will be).
Overall Verdict: This is an amazing Liquid Lipstick but isn’t “16 hour wear”, I would say this is 4 hour wear without fading or wearing off. It does start to crumble if you layer on the liquid lip, so watch out one swipe is more then enough. It does leaves a stain on the lips which I like because even when it does fade away the color still remains on the lips. I am going to definitely purchase more shades, ruler and dreamer look like they will be on my to-buy list soon!
They currently have 20 shades available, you can probably find them at your nearest drugstore but if not, Amazon has the full collection for $7.99. In my local drugstore you can’t find all 20 shades, which is a bummer because I love to see different options. They did recently add a couple of new nude shades and I can’t wait to try them out!


Have you tried out these Maybelline Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks?

2 thoughts on “You won’t believe the power of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Oh my gosh, Lover is such a gorgeous shade and for any season of the year! Thanks so much for sharing this review; especially the swatches – so clear! 🙂 x


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