Foundation Favorite’s | Fenty, NARS, Makeup Forever & Too Faced.

Recently I have been on a foundation hype, trying out new foundations and what works best for each skin type. ;



One thing they have all in common is that they are full coverage. That’s what I aim for because I love full coverage and it’s always easier to thin out.

The most natural finish, in my opinion, is the Too Faced and Makeup Forever 4K HD.

Foundation 2


Makeup Forever Ultra HD and 4K HD- I love both types. They are both full coverage but the 4k Hd is thicker and more versatile. The Ultra HD is full coverage but not as full as the 4K.  I love the stick, anything in a stick format is incredibly easy to use. I always finish to the last ounce, unlike a bottle that may contain some on the bottom but might be hard to get too. The Ultra HD retails for $34 and contains 30ml. The 4K HD retails for $43 for and contains 12.5 grams. The price point is significantly higher in price.

NARS Radiant Foundation- It’s great for oily skin, a little dehydrating for dry skin, so prep well. It’s lightweight but full coverage so it won’t feel heavy on the skin.  Retails for $49 for 1oz.

Too Faced Born this Way Foundation– This foundation was one of my latest purchases, but I have been wearing it at every makeup application. It just looks like I am wearing nothing, even my own sister asked how my skin got flawless looking. Let me tell you when people compliment on your skin and they can’t tell your wearing foundation, that is gold! It retails for $39 and contains

Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Matte Foundation– This has been my summer favorite, due to the high humidity in New York, my face has been oiler than usual and this foundation was a great option. Since it is a matte foundation, it keeps the oils in my skin in for a while. It retails for $34 and contains 1.08 oz. Also, the shade range is pretty broad, about 40 foundations to be exact!


What’s your favorite foundation?



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