Makeup Geek Power Pigment Eye Look | INVINCIBLE + TENACIOUS

Purple DownPurple UP

This eye look had been created a couple of weeks ago. The shadows I had used was the Makeup Geek Pure Pigments.  The main shadow I used on the lid was the Invincible and underneath the eyes where Tenacious. I did apply a hot pink shimmer shadow in the crease to give it more dimension but the base color was invisible. For the lashes, I have used the Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Lashes in Boudior.


These shadows are immensely pigmented, full of vibrancy but there is one issue. One of the shades is patchy, as much as I hate to say this the Invincible shadow is patchy and not the easiest to blend, not to mention it dried out and I always have to scarp off the top to get to the soft smooth part of the shadow. .

Unlike Invincible, Tenacious blends and applied well, really no issues. I was kind of surprised because makeup geek has terrific eyeshadows and I never had an issue with any of them. I didn’t order any more shadows but hopefully, I will shortly.


Powder Pigment.png


Do you own any makeup geek eyeshadows?


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