Henri Bendel is closing! my experience at the store was…

I know I know, I was just as shocked as you are. I cannot believe an iconic retail store such as Henri Bendel is closing down January 2019. I have only been there once and I am upset I haven’t been there before this year. I won’t go into detail about why it is closing, I will provide a link that has all the detail.  ->  Henri Bendel Closing After 123 Years.

This blog post won’t be about the details of the store closing, it will be about my experience at the store.

Henri(photo was taken from google)


Early in 2017, I get a phone call from my younger sister, she tells me about this store called Henri Bendel and all the beautiful bags they have. She sends me a photo of a few bags she likes and what she thinks I would like. Honestly, I wasn’t even looking for a new bag or anything of that sort. I have my eye on the Dior Ever Bag for a while so saving up is a must for me. She sends me a photo of the Henri Bendel Uptown Blocked Satchel and I fell in love with it. I found myself drawn to the bag but  I said no, not at the moment, wasn’t 100% about it.



The price point was at $400, now with a newborn and a toddler in my life I had to cut down on my spending, so I knew I had to absolutely want that handbag without a shadow of a doubt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify my spending s on this bag, it was a no for me at the moment. A couple of weeks later I was scrolling through my photo album on my iPhone, freeing up some space by deleting useless photo’s. I came across a photo of the bag and thought to myself “what a gorgeous handbag” not realizing that this was the one she sent me a while ago. I asked my sister to go back and check to see if they still have it in stock. Luckily they did; she went back Henri Bendel and picked up one of the last bags on the floor. The best part of it was that it was on sale for $239. I was ecstatic, who doesn’t love a sale? I know I do!

The day comes and I am full of excitement, I love a large bag; anything you can imagine I keep in there, makeup, cookies, water, wipes, toy cars…..etc….I loved the color combo and the size of it.



There are many details that I love about the bag- first is the color combination. I love the contrast between the soft peach shade and the hint of burgundy in the details. The longer strap is detachable, which is a big plus because I don’t always like carrying a bag on my arm, sometimes a shoulder strap is a more comfortable option. The structure is solid, so the bag didn’t droop and topple over within a month or two. Last is that its spacious, it held a lot. This was the perfect “mommy bag”; I just throw all the necessities then go about our journey. Soon I realized it wasn’t realistic that I make this my “everyday bag”. My track record of clumsiness with my previous handbags is a reminder I constantly receive from my husband- getting scratched up and ruined pretty fast. I put this bag aside as a “special occasion” handbag– placing it neatly on display in my bedroom.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos wearing the Uptown Blocked Satchel, I am not a fashion blogger so you can understand why I didn’t do it. But luckily I did find a Fashion blogger who did, Bree at Last, so you have a great post to catch up on.

Bree At LastPhoto taken off google.


The only issue was that I just didn’t go out a lot that year, so I have only worn the bag a handful. I also didn’t realize how hard it would be to match a peach and burgundy bag with my outfits. Long story short after a year the clasp fell off, and it wouldn’t close properly; I was quite upset.


I went down to Manhattan, 5th ave location to resolve this issue. When I stepped into the Henri Bendel Store I was mesmerized, the store is breathtaking. I walked around for 20 minutes before heading to customer service. The interior is beautiful, the store itself is 3 stories high with a curved staircase with an overview of the store at the top. It has a vintage art deco vibe- which is my favorite type of interior.




Henri Bendel is iconic for there brown and white vertical stripes logo. The best part they always have a great sale on the 2nd floor.  This store doesn’t only sell bags, it sells scarfs, jewelry, accessories, sets…Okay, I have to stop writing about the store, onto customer service.

I explained the problem to them and was hoping they would just fix it for me, but to my surprise, they told me they don’t fix that bag anymore because of a faulty clasp, which means it would just keep on breaking off. l was kind of confused, what do I do now? Take it to a someone a bag repairman? if there is such a thing…I couldn’t have that much money go to waste, because without it closing correctly it was a complete waste of money.

I wasn’t about to throw it out so I asked what my options are with this bag… They let me know that I can get a gift card with the lowest price point the bag was for. To my surprise, it was the same price I got it for, $239. “Then I remember my sister told me that this was the last bag in stock on sale. I was ecstatic, time for a new bag. Weird how that worked out right? I feel really tremendously grateful at that moment. Now this time I told myself shop smart, shop practical yet wearable; get something that blends in.

I chose the Waldorf Floral Chain Party Bag.

Henri Bendel BAg.png

I searched high and low and unfortunately its completely sold out!

Its small enough to fit my essentials and the best part is that it doesn’t open up like a regular, you have to push the knobs inwards, which most people wouldn’t guess right away– I kind of like it that way. It has an adjustable link on the inside that gives the handle the ability to become longer. The exterior is leather that resembles snakeskin, with a floral print.  It’s the perfect bag at the moment, and I am delighted with it.


Let me know, have you ever been to Henri Bendel?

If so what was your experience like?


Thanks for visiting!



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