Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Review- Another Fallout Issue?


Welcome back, i took a little blogging break to focus on life…

Okay, lets get started, I initially purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam” palette as a present for my mom, she doesn’t own a lot of makeup and I thought this would be an amazing add on to her humble collection. As for me I wouldn’t have really purchased this product for myself- I have more then enough neutrals in my collection.  I knew the warm colors would complimented my mothers skin ton perfectly, I’ve also read great reviews on it and the price point was pretty decent. She (Mama G) is a very simple women, so this palette was the perfect fit for her.

abh final 3


After a month I decided to check up on and see what she thought of the product, she told me to return it because its “too powdery” . I was in shock how can that be, she didn’t want it at all. I took it home and started to play around with the colors, testing them out with primer, concealer and how each shadow was with a different brush

Abh final 1


Maybe, this is the same situation as the Subculture palette. I personally never owned it but after watching countless beauty influence’s on Youtube complain primarily about the formula that was enough to make my decision. Thank goodness for those few honest bloggers/youtubers.



So I didn’t want  to return it and just kept it for myself. I mean how bad could this palette be?

Let start off with the shades, to my surprise these neutral shadows are work beautifully on every skin tone. I gave this palette a good go, on myself and my clients. The matte shades are more to the warmer side, with the exception of dusty rose, which is cool toned.  My favorite shadows is Orange Soda & Burnt Orange; they are perfect for transitioning and adding warm underneath the eyes. There are some very pretty dusky mauve roses here combined with sultry browns, shimmering golds, browns, and peaches. All together there are 14 shades and this palette retails for $42, luckily this isn’t limited so no pressure on purchasing anytime soon. This Soft Glam Palette can be purchased at Macys & Sephora.

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9512811_fpx (1)(Photos taken from

The packaging is amazing, I love it- despite the fact it does get quite easily. (Sometimes I like to pick up the palette even when i am not using it to stroke the packaging. I love velvety feel if it – it has a relaxing feeling.)

Final Verdict:

This palette is amazing in so many ways but the biggest draw back is the fall out. It doesn’t fall apart when I dip my brush in it, but with one swoop there is a significant amount that can’t go unnoticed. Aside from the fallout, the colors are uber pigmented and blend out seamlessly. These eye shadows blend like a dream, seriously, its a no brainer when it comes to blending them. The pigments on every single shadow are intense,   It comes with a brush, which in is pretty good, I like using it.  The formula in this palette is very soft, sort of like room temperature butter. Which makes blending these shadows a dream, you really can’t mess up. This is my current favorite palette, I over look the fallout because this palette is really awesome! All the shades are beautiful and can work wonderfully on pretty much all skin tones. This is a great palette as long as you can over look the whole fallout issue, it’s worth it.  The palette is sturdy, not to heavy nor to light, and comes with a brush, and it’s a great brush too!

My Favorite color is Mulberry it’s the perfect purple reddish shade to add into the outer crease to spice up your look.

(A side note : don’t be rough with it, or else it might break. )


Let me know if anyone else had the same issue with the fallout!

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