Amazon Find: Comfiest Skirt Ever! Esteez Skirt in Brooklyn



I started to wear skirts 10 years ago and never went back to pants. Now finding a really great comfy skirt isn’t all that easy. I don’t like A-line skirts, they just don’t suit my body type- maybe ill wear one once in a while. So I have been on a mission to find the best, cutest and trending pencil skirts. All was going well until I had my kids, my hips grew in size- my hips expanded two sizes up to be exact. So, I have an excuse to get more shopping done. I never was too big on online, just because its easier to go out. Until the kids came along- not only my skirt size changed but, everything changed. Like mom parents,I just don’t have the availability like I used to -my kids go every where I go, so taking them clothing shopping gets a little bit tricky. Don’t get me wrong there are days I do get to go shopping by myself but sometimes online shopping will do.


I ordered this skirt by word of mouth & fell in love with it. The quality is great, has a great a stretch to it, and just fits great!’ There are no buttons or zippers which I really e joy because zippers are annoying, they always open up, unlike this where it’s just an easy slip on. The skirt I am wearing in the photo is the CornFlower Blue Skirt and plan on getting more colors ( I will add more photo’s soon!)

You can get it on Amazon and it comes in 8 different colors. The sizing ranges from  0 to 18plus, awesome right?



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