Quickest Pick Me Up- Benifit’s Ooh La Lift

Ooh la lift 1

Ever since my children arrived on this planet I have been very sleep deprived;  and I thought staying up for finals was bad. Nothing compares to those grueling waking hours, feeding, changing etc… and as soon as I would shut my eyes, the sun would start to rise.  I didn’t really have the whole “under eye bag” situation until those consecutive sleepless nights added up. What did I do? I turned to my all time favorite Bobbi Brown Corrector to help, but then I had to add concealer and setting powder to complete the look. It was getting to much on the days I was running late – pretty much all the time- some days I wouldn’t apply any makeup. Then I would catch glimp’s of myself in a mirror and gasp, my under eyes where horrendous.

Ooh la lift 2


A couple of weeks ago I stopped of my moms to drop off the kids to get some shopping done for the kids. Then as usual I start snooping around my moms typical makeup drawer to quickly apply mascara and nothing else. Then I came across this Benifit’s Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener, I applied it under my eyes along with my one my favorite Loreal Telescope Mascara & quietly snuck out the door before my kids noticed. Later on in the day I caught glimpse of myself & I was amazed, its as if I’ve had a full 12 hours and 2 naps during the day. I looked so alive and refreshed, despite the fact that I only wore Mascara and The Ooh La Lift.  This product retails for $23 and has 0.25oz of product.

Ooh la lift 3


When I came back I asked my mom why she didn’t use and she said she doesn’t need it and was going to return it – I get it, this product isn’t for everyone- guess who went home with it? Yes, that’s right I did. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now when I have the “No Makeup Days”.

When I mean no Makeup Days I mean it, no blush, concealer etc… just the Ooh La Lift and I am out the door. Definitely, a product you need if you have had lack of sleep and your under-eye area is looking a bit dull or screaming for help.

Ooh la lift 4

For some reason this products is a highly under rated, not enough women use it nor talk about.  There are multiple ways to use this, alone or as  a primer because it gets your under eyes in shape ready for concealer. I like to apply a lot  of product and gently massage it into my skin swiping outwards, from my nose to the outer sides of my eye.

There really isn’t much to do with this product, just apply and wallah you are done.

What is your quick pick me up?

Let me know in the comments below!

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