Makeup Forever Pro Bronzer Fusion Review


The best part of makeup is that you can always have fun with it. Today’s beauty review will be on the Makeup Forever Pro Fusion Bronze. I have only been using it for a month but I am seriously committed. For the last year or two  I have been I using the Nars Laguna Bronzer and Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer. Don’t get me wrong those are pretty much on the top list of “my must repurchase if hit pan” list, but I can always make more room for more if necessary.  Now that summer is coming up I feel as if I need to always apply bronzer, because I don’t tan as fast or as well as other people. I can spend all day in the sun, the most I get is sun burnt.  After the sun burn fades away, all I am left with is a hint of a tan. My husband on the other hand gets gorgeously tan within an hour of stepping outside, I envy him!


The key to finding the right bronzer is that it isn’t too “orange”.  I’ve made that mistake plenty of times before. Most bronzer aren’t orange right off the bat per se, it’s all in the swatch; it also shouldn’t be a shimmery bronzer. The thing is with bronzers that have shimmer in them is that you apply the bronzer all over your face, not just the high points. We don’t want to have a shimmery chin and forhead, ew I know.  That is a highlighters job, its job is to highlight the face not the bronzer.


Makeup Forever 2.2. pngMakeup forever closed


I have wanted to try out this Bronzer for the longest of time. Before I purchase any beauty products I like to do extensive research, looking into the pros & cons. To my surprise I haven’t really found that many reviews on Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. Let’s just say this is a very underrated product, its time to bring light to it – a have seen a couple of makeup artist talk about it but not enough- and that is what this blogpost will do.


It retails for $36 and has 11g of product; I got the  shade 20m Sand, which is a more cool toned bronzer.


Online statement

What it is:
A gel-power bronzer that blends seamlessly for a lightweight, foolproof, luminous glow.What it does:
Pro Bronze Fusion’s unique formula allows you to sweep on a sunkissed radiance. Let skin impart a summer glow with a natural-looking, radiant finish that never looks powdery. Skin will appear healthy and glowing when you brush on this long lasting, waterproof bronzer that blends on like a second skin. For best results, apply with the 136 Pro Bronze Kabuki Brush.



  1. The packaging is sleek and has a sturdy- a couple of falls wouldn’t damage the product.
  2. The bronzer itself is smooth, glides on effortlessly with any brush that I use
  3. It’s versatile – like a lot of beauty products- I use this as a transition shade, contour for nose and etc…
  4. It actually last a a long time, is sweat proof and doesn’t move around.
  5. When I first apply the bronzer to the face, it doesn’t come off so strong & it’s not a bad thing its actually amazing because you want a natural, flawless build up. Blending and perfecting the bronze as you go along – I hate it when I pick up a product and a whole lot of powder comes out of it, its a waste of product and bound for error.
  6. Doesn’t come off orange, gives a natural glow.


Before bronzer

I am so pale when I apply my foundation, the foundation cancels out all the redness along side with all the warm/cool tones on the face. I have already done my eye makeup, my Cotton Candy Eye Tutorial, that I have showed done step by step on my Instagram account.

Sigma Angeled Contour Brush


I use Sigma Beautys  “Soft Angled Contour Brush” .  This brush is just perfect for contouring, bronzing & everything in between.

After Bronze


I also added the MAC’s Hyper Real Glow on my cheek bones, nose and a little bit on my chin.

What is your favorite bronze?

Let me know the comment below!

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