MAC’s Hyper Real Glow is the only highlighter I will ever need.

MAc Hyper REal glow closed


MAc Hyper REal glow close upMAc Hyper Real glow



Tis the season for highlighter frenzy, in the beauty community companies now are in competition to release the greatest highlighter ever. Every women needs a good glow on go. I had my eye set on the Amrzey highlighter from Anastasia Bevery Hills, but I just had a feeling not go with that one. I have this method when it comes to spending’s on makeup, if I don’t absolutely love it I purchase it, if I am still thinking about it a couple of days later then I must get it. I am quite indecisive when it comes to purchasing beauty products, it’s sucks when you buy something and its not what you expect it to be. So if I don’t get that I innate feeling I don’t get it. Makes sense right?

A couple of days ago I went into the Pro Mac Store in NYC to buy refills, I came in a hurry and wasn’t looking to purchase anything new. Until  I came across this beauty, this awesomeness of a highlighter. One swatch was all it took for me to fall in love, I should’ve swatch the other palette to see if I might like the “Get it Glowing” better. I purchased the Flash + Awe Palette, it has 3 rose gold shades. My favorite shade from this palette Flash +Awe and Rosy Glow.

It retails for $39.50 and it is worth every penny. This will be part of their permanent collection soon!

There are two palettes to choose from the 1) Flash + Awe which is rosey and cool toned. 2) Get It Glowing is more golden goddess warm toned vibes.

One little problem with this palette, the names of the shades was on the plastic protector, not paying to much attention to it, I threw it out.

The texture of these highlighters reminds me of the Becca Champange pop highlighter.  Its soft to the touch and glides on effortlessly; gives off a wet glow to the face ( hint hint– spray a little bit of fix plus on your brush before applying the highlight, giving a vibrant glow) The only difference between these two is that you get more product & shades.



swatches 2


The Reason why I say that this is the only palette I will ever need is because these shades are versatile, it will compliment all skin tones because there are 3 shades to choose from each palette. As a makeup artist, this will be in my kit all the time from now on.

me 2



What is your favorite highlighter?

5 thoughts on “MAC’s Hyper Real Glow is the only highlighter I will ever need.

  1. Naomi says:

    Wow. That actually looks very beautiful. I love Gerard cosmetics highlight, champagne pop and this random polish brand I got for pennies last time I was in Warsaw. Those are the really blinding highlights. For a more subtle look I love hourglass ambient lighting, it’s so soft and luminous, really gorgeous and natural. Another one I love is a liquid one from Dior, kind of coppery, so I use it over my blush sometimes for that extra glow on the cheeks. I really want abh in ‘so hollywood’!

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