Step by Step Golden Smokey Eye |Using Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette


It has almost been 9 years since Too Faced has come out with the original Natural Eyes Palette. Where has the time gone, I can still remember walking into Macys Herlad Square and eyeing this palette, the soft tones and shimmers was something I needed in my soon to be makeup collection. Luckily fast forward 9 years later I still have it! This was one of my very first makeup palettes, the excitement I had was something I would never forget. I bought it first for my sister as a new year’s gift, once I saw how much she loved it and didn’t let me use it, (ironically) I went out and bought myself the same one. The colors are vibrant and highly pigmented and go a long way. With or without primer, the shadows are outstanding. They do have a matte sister version of the palette.
Too Face has changed around this palette, staying true to the “Natural eyes” theme majority of the shadows stayed the same. The significant change in this palette was the packaging. Before it was cardboard with no mirror, now it is metal with a small mirror. The second change was the shadows, not too many of them, thankfully.
Only three shadows were changed around, first shade is “Velvet Revolver” was a cool toned matte shade and they changed it to a warmer tone still matte. Second is the “Nude Beach” to just Nude. Nude Beach was a glitter shadow, chunky glitter to be exact. I disliked that shade the most, barely touching it, even with glitter glue. I am glad they changed that shade to a matte “nude” transitional shade. The third shadow was “Coco Puff” it is now “Chocolate Martini” I can’t really tell the difference, just that the chocolate martini is darker. That might be because of the lighting of the photo. This palette retails for $36 at Sephora, Ulta, and Macys.

  1.   1.   First things first, I always started off by priming my eyes with the MAC paint pot in soft ocher. After I have applied my base I went in with Velvet Revolver which is now Cashmere bunny. Gently applying it in to my crease, this will be my transitional shade.
    2.   For the lid, I took a flat brush and drenched it Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix Plus spray. I love fix spray its versatile. What does applying fix spray to my brush do to the shadow? It intensifies and creates a richer vibrancy to the shadow. Do not fear if you don’t own a fixed spray, you can just wet your brush, wet it lightly with some water, remove the excess water before applying shadow to the brush.
    After applying Fix spray to my brush I picked up Honey Pot and applied it all over my lid.
    3.   Then I took a flat oval brush and applied Cocoa puff (which is now Chocolate Martini) on the outer corners, I used a tapping motion instead of swiping to build up color. Always start off with a lighter hand because its easier to create depth that way, as apposed to applying a darker color rapidly and then struggling to blend it out.
    4.   To create a greater dimension, I applied Erotica on top of Cocoa Puff. Then taking whatever is left on the brush I smudged it out underneath my eyes to create a smoky hazy vibe.
    5.   Then going back to coco puff I took an angled or flat fluffy brush and gently swooped over my crease to create a warmer tone in my crease. The key to creating a flawless gradient effect is to go in with a light hand and build up your colors. Second Key is to blend, blend and blend.
    6.   I wanted a more intensity underneath my eyes so I went in with a flat shader brush by Sigma and applied more Erotica. Then with a clean fluffy brush smoking it out.
    7.   I didn’t forget about the highlight, Silk Teddy is a stunning rose toned highlighter shade which applied effortlessly. (You can use this as a cheek bone highlight and everything in between) I used it for my brow bone and inner eye highlight. Also applying brown eyeliner in Mac’s “coffee” on my water line.
    8.   You can see it all being pilled together now and I added my favorite lashes, by Kiss in “midnight”. You can opt out lashes but I love a dramatic eye. I still felt as if something wasn’t right so for
    9.   the last step I went over the lash line with a little bit of inglot gel liner to darker up the lash line.
I hope you guy found this easy to follow and remember to achieve a flawless smokey you just blend until it hurts!

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