The Perfect Dark Lip for Winter


It’s wise to make the best of every situation, including cold winter days. Winter isn’t exactly my favorite season, I prefer the autumn. This means that I can experiment with darker makeup, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and much more. Whether it’s a dark smokey or a dark rich lip, I say its okay to be more on the vampy side. I decided to skip the dramatic eyes and opted for a dark dramatic deep purple/brownish/redish lip. On my eyes I wearing shadows from Mac ” Woodwink” by on the lid, “Soft Brown” on the crease and “Nylon” on the brow bone. Followed by Cover Girl Mascara.
Whats on my lips?: I started off by scrubbing my lips with a sugar scrub and then apply a lip primer or lip balm. When I feel as if my lips are properly ready for lipstick, I apply a lipliner, to ensure there will be no bleeding of the lipstick. I notice that darker lipsticks bleed through the cracks much easier then lighter lipsticks. No matter high end or drugstore. The liner doesn’t have to be the same shade as the lipstick. It could even be a simple nude liner, if you apply a liner it will help with the longevity and prevent cracking or bleeding of the lipstick.
The lipstick I am wearing in this photo is by Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Dominatrix, I originally bought this at Kohls. This lipstick came in a set of 3, Lipstick Lipgloss and A Lipliner, I don’t know if this set is available at the moment but look out for them! Luckily you can get this lipstick virtually everywhere, Ulta, Kohls,Amazon. I love Lorac Lipsticks, especially the Alter Ego Collection, the lipsticks are pigmented and rich in color and have great color payoff. I wasn’t too fond of this color in the beginning when I wasn’t used to wearing darker lips, but then when my makeup creativity expanded so did the colors and I fell in love with it. With color can be intimidating for a lot of women, but if you dare for a dark lip this is the shade for you..
Another thing is if you’re wondering why I am using a lip brush and not the actual lipstick tube, is because I have depotted majority of my lipsticks. And I find it much easier to use a lipbrush, I use the Sigma L05 Lip Brush. This brush really helps me get a defined line along the edge of my lips, much more convient and easier for me to apply lipstick this way then straight from a bullet.


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