Sleek Highlighter Review- My favorite drugstore highlighter!

At this point in my life, if I buy any beauty product I have pretty high expectations of how the product should be. It’s no different when it comes to highlighter; now you’re probably wondering what is so special about a highlighter, isn’t it just shimmer? Well no, it depends on the quality, texture, consistency and etc…. My first ever highlighter was Laura Mericer baked highlighter, I can just remember it 3 years ago, purchasing my first one. I wasn’t even aware of what a highlighter was, and wasn’t too crazy about the “glow” As I picked up on my makeup skills and grew a bigger clientele I knew that I needed to search for more and better. I have bought endless drugstore highlighter that sadly got thrown away and some high end that I love. My two favorite are the Becca Cosmetics “Champange pop”” and of course my first ever Laura Mercier … 

This highlighter I will be writing about is as if I have found a diamond in the rough; the Sleek cosmetics highlighterThis isn’t a new highlighter on the market but new to my local Walgreens; this highlighter was the only product for their c finding a drugstore highlighter that works and is good quality is rare for me, I have tried out dozens from Maybelline to Loreal, they have seemed to fail me. Maybe I have already admitted defeat with the highlighter search from the drugstore, something wasn’t right until I saw this, the where already sold out of the one palette I wanted and to my knowledge they restock every ThursdaySo, guess who was there the following Thursday to pick up a new solicits palette? That’s right me of course!  I was exactly to play with this palette, more like drench myself in highlighter that night. 


The one issue I did have with this product is that it had said on the back do not get into eye…. That had me a little bit frightened, but nevertheless I still bought it. 
About product: There are 4 highlighter shades, 3 powders and 1 cream. The shade with the most impact is the Equinox, I am very light skinned and they do have other palettes to accommodate to darker skin tones.  
  • Hemisphere is a baked highlighter, it comes off as a lilac shade on in the palette bit swatches much lighter. At first, I thought this was the most unwearable shade since it is purple but on the skin, there is only a hint off it. I would love to use this on my inner eye corner but I am sort of scared because of that initial warning sign. So, I only apply it on my brow bone. 
  • Ecliptic is the cream highlighter, a color that I would describe as a lavender color with hint of silver reflects. The best way to apply this shade is with your fingers, to warm the product into the skin gives it a better effect/glow. This can also be used as a base for the powder highlighter but this is the shade I tend to neglect the most. Just because I am not too fond of cream highlighters. 
  • Equinox is another baked highlighter, a beautiful light peach color, it is the same texture as Hemisphere and I usually mix this together with Subsolar 
  • Subsolar: is another baked highlighter with a yellow sheen to it, with the greatest opacity. If you love a blinding highlight this is one the shade for you. I love to use this as the nose highlighter, blends best along the bridge of the nose and  on the tip of the nose. 
  • There are 3 palettes to accomadate different skin shades, light to medium to dark. 
  • You can get them at Amazon, Target, 

  • What is your favorite highlighter? 

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