Why I love these KISS Faux Mink Lashes and You Will Too!

Lashes are everywhere!, from dramatic to something as simple as a few individuals, its a must have in my makeup routine when I go glam. They upgrade my makeup game, it’s as if they are the hair extensions for my eyelashes; as weird as that sounds its the best way to describe them. They add the unnecessary extra glam to complete the look. Ironically lashes don’t always have to be dramatic; sometimes I wear the thin and whispy ones to add a little bit more of femininety to my eyes.  On the days I just want a more feline look I add the double individuals on the outer corners of my eyelashes. My favorite eyelash companies are Ardell Lashes and Red Cherry Lashes, they have a wide variety and my clients and I love them. I recently came across the faux mink lashes from Kiss Lash, I was never a big fan of kiss lashes. Tried a few out and never repurchases again, then I came across the faux mink collection at Walgreens and its as if it was love at first sight, dramatic I know but the only way I can describe it, I just knew these where going to be a hit. These are the only lashes I get for myself from the drugstore lately; go big or go home right? 


Now would I really dedicate a whole blogpost on these lashes? Yes I would because I feel that not enough women known how great they are. I must spread the word, especially on this insane price at $5.99. Crazy I know, you will be thanking me later for this. These lashes always pull together my dramatic or even simple eye lookThe lashes I am wearing in this photo are in the style “Midnight“. You can see how the tip of the lashes are thin and whispy but at the base they are thicker and sturdier adding a much fuller effect at the base. These lashes are longer at the outer corners and shorter on the inner giving your eyes a feline look, my favorite look. They have a natural curl and lift to them so you don’t need to curl the with a curling wand. 

A question you must be asking yourself is how many times can I use these lashes? Well as many as you like, I personally get 15 to 20 uses out of them (If I don’t lose them) How you ask? Simple, you need to take care of them after every use or every other use. The lash glue will build up and create a thicker, clumpier band and leave bacteria. I suggest taking a tweezer and gently peeling off the adhesive, once its off I take a Q-tip and damping it with isopropyl alcohol (not to drenched but damp) then just run it along the band. I don’t like to put mascara on the lashes because they are quite full, so I prep my eye lashes with a thick coat of mascara then proceed to apply the lashes. If you do apply mascara on your lashes, you can gently give these a 30-second wash with some body wash, they don’t loose their shape and you can always re-curl then if they do. My all-time favorite lash glue is House of Lashes Glue ; the reason why I like these, in particular, is that they don’t contain a chemical called formaldehyde which causes me to tear up.

They currently have six styles available with the Faux Collection.  
They sell them on Amazon, Walgreens, and Bejour


Cons:  I must warn everyone that the only thing I don’t like about these lashes are the band. It is a little bit thicker side so you have to bend the lash around your finger to loosen it up before gluing it on your eyelashes. There is no “one shape fits all ” that’s why you must adjust accordingly. I usually have to snip off the edges on both corners to modify the shape.  
Quick Tip: Snip the sides on both ends — not too much, first test them out on your eye’s without applying lash glue. Afterward take a small pair scissor’s or a nail clip, ( yes I did write nail clip, no auto correct needed) and snip off the excess band and hairs. I find it that when I don’t cut off the extra parts they end up poking me in the eye. 


I would love to know do you wear lashes and if so what is your favorite brand?

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