Depotting my lipsticks into the Vueset empty container

I have always had a fascination, watching youtubers depot there eyeshadows and lipsticks. Well, the day has come that I have depotted majority of my lipsticks, here is how I did it.
Once I have decided I need to depot them, it was time to figure out where I need to place them in. For eyeshadows there are Z-palette aka Magnetic Palettes, they could be found basically anywhere Amazon, Sephora and etc. But for lipsticks the options where limited, too limited if I must say. My only two options where the Mac Pro Lip Insert or the Vuest Tahiti palette.  Vueset has a wide variety of containers that can be used for a professional makeup artist, or just someone who owns way too much makeup. You can find these containers at Vueset’s website. Both have 24 sections where you can fill them in with foundations, lipstick, concealer and etc.. The main reason why I chose the Vueset palette was that its quite small, and the slots are deep as opposed to the Mac inserts which didn’t seem like it. 

To be honest, this process does get messy so have makeup remover and a lot of q-tips for easy cleanup!

Here is a short Instagram Storie on how I depoted the lipstick

All you need is 
Empty Container/palette, 
Lipsticks, 70% Ispropyl Alcohol, Makeup Spatula, Sugar Spoon
Here are the list of lipsticks that I have depotted into this palette. 

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