Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics Review


 From the moment she Kylie Jenner introduced her liquid lipsticks the company has hit it off and became one of the most popular brands instantaneously. Was I the first one to order from Kylie Cosmetics? Nope, didn’t have enough time to purchase it because they sold out in 3 minutes or 30 seconds. Fast forward a couple of months later, I went on her website to see what was new, a couple of minutes later an order was placed. Since this was my first purchase from this website I decided to play it safe, so I got only two products.

The products where shipped in a black box with the iconic liquid dripping photo and inside has quite a lot of foam, the nicest part was a hand written letter, probably not from Kylie herself but I can dream cant I?

The first photo is without flash in natural day light and the lipliner seems a little bit on the fuchsia side as opposed to a soft pink.

( Don’t mind my peach fuzz haha)

I purchased this Velvet Lip kit for $27USD, which is a fair price for two items. Lip kit contains two products, a Liquid Lipstick and a matching Lipliner. The first thing I noticed right away when I opened up the liquid lipstick was the scent, a sweet strawberry scent– no other way to describe it just a very sweet scent, which I personally don’t mind. I know some people have a sensitivity to smell so have that in mind.  The formulation of the liquid lip is amazing, doesn’t dry matte more of a satin finish. In the photo provide I didn’t wait for the lipstick to set so it is quite wet so take into consideration that it does dry down. This does transfer on to anything you set your lips on so beware it is not kiss proof. The lipliner is a little bit drying so I suggest to apply a lip primer or moisturize your lip before hand.  Verdict is that I really like this lip kit, I would recommend it for personal use –I wouldn’t share the liquid lip due to sanitary reasons. 



Each product has 0.34 oz or 9.5 g of product, which is a pretty generous amount of product to sell at $22USD. The color is more a light golden color, blends out very well; the brush I use to blend it out with my Sigma F35 brush. This is a fairly priced item because you are getting more product then other high end highlighters. The highlight is one of her newest items and it is OK. The formula is very soft and chalky at the same time, making it not so easy to blend out. What I did notice is that you have to get through the top layer and then you will have smoother highlight. I use this for my brow bone, inner eye highlighter and face highlighter. I have to mention that this will look gorgeous on medium to darker skin toned women. Kylighters do not compare it to Laura Mericer, Becca, Nars, MAC and don’t get your hopes up by thinking this is an amazing highlighter. Maybe with a little bit more improvement to the formulation it could be there competition soon enough. This product doesn’t come out so intense right away, which I personally love because I am not a fan of products that come of too strong, rather build up then end up with a mistake that you can’t fix.  
I came across this awesome blogger who did a full review Kylighter‘s and much more.  If you do order from Kylie Cosmetics please be sure its the official website because imitators will duplicate her products and have illegal ingredients which are harmful.)  Verdict is that I am not to crazy about this highlighter because I know that the formulation could be smoother and silkier. So maybe if your a newbie to makeup and don’t want to spend $50 on a highlighter go with this and build up your collection.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, do you own any Kylie Cosmetics products? If so what and what do you think of them? Let me know I would love to chat with you!

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