Pin Up Eye Makeup Tutorial: Step by Step


I recently did a live tutorial on a private Facebook beauty group and had so much fun doing it. The look was inspired by the 1940’s pinup look, the eye look was the main focal point the tutorial so too will this blog be. I decided to recreate the eye look and provide a simple step by step explanation on how to achieve this look. Just to keep things simple I mainly used MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows and a Makeup forever one. On a honest note I went with the flow and wasn’t to strict with how it would bemakeup should be fun not stressful if the outcome didn’t turn out turn out the way you envisioned it, just keep on practicing you will see improvement with time. This look in particular is quite simple and require very little expertise in the makeup field.




 Step 1 through 7 I used Mac Cosmetics eyeshadows.   

1. I primed my eyelids with mac soft ocher paint pot all over the lid, then applied Soft Brown all over the crease, with more emphasis on the outer corner. By applying this technique in the beginning helps with blending out the darker shadows. The brush I used was Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush   
2. I went in with Orb,  with the flat shader brush E–patting it down all over the lid. I repeated this step quite a few times to get the exact intensity of the shade. This will be the only color I apply on the lid.  
3. Back to the crease I add Saddle which the crease color more depth.  
4. I continue building up color in the crease by adding Deep Damson with a medium angled shading eye brush 207 by Luxie Brushes. The biggest tip I can give to you is that when applying the eyeshadows go ahead an use a light hand. That is the key to a effortless and soft blended crease. 
5. The last shadow I added to the crease was Sketchfocusing more on the outer corner. 
6. & 7. Taking a flat brush and applying Nylon shadow on the brow bone and inner corner of my eye. This shadow is a shimmer/highlight shadow; give more dimension to the eyes. 
8. Once the eyes where finish I draw out a wing liner using the Inglot Gel Liner with aEyeliner brush by Sigma. I love a thick wing liner, especially for this look it will really add more excitement to the look. 
9- Typically the lower lash line is left without naked, with little to no eyeshadow. This  isn’t the typical pin up, wanted added a little bit of a dramatic feel to the eyes so I went in with a dark shadow from Makeup Forever M-618 Eyeshadow and buffed it out using the Short Shader Brush by Sigma. 
10. Last step of the eye look was to add false lashes and mascara. The lashes that I love to use for a light and airy look is the Ardell Demi Wispy Lashes. The lash glue I used to adhere the falsies to the lashes where was House of Lashes 

On a separate note the new mascara that I am obsessing over is the Covergirl Lash Bloom Mascara
I hope that this was easy enough to follow along and all of these shadows you can be purchases separately. Follow me on instagram @artistakay and show me your pinup look


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