My Favorite Top 4 Makeup Brush Brand

I remember my owning my first set of makeup brushes, excitement was in the air, to click on the check out button and was even more excited to get them in the mail. It was honestly a dream come true for me 4 years ago. Now those brushes are long gone, and have been replaced by a variety of brushes. These are my top 4 favorite makeup brushes brand!

Sigma Beauty

I have heard about Sigma Brushes for as long as I have been watching Youtube. I always wanted to get them but just never really needed them. After a few purchases that left me quite unhappy, I realized I had to stop wasting my money on brushes that break and shed on me. ( Cheap brushes)  I finally bought from Sigma when I  started to freelance as a makeup artist. I only purchased a few at a time; every time they had a sale without any hesitation I bought what I needed. I wouldn’t say they are in the highest price point, there are other  brands who more expansive. But these brushes are a run for your money. Cannot go wrong with these. My favorite brush from is the E50 Tapered Blending Brush for the eye, use it every time.
FYI- I just found out recently that Ebates gives you cash back on Sigma Beauty purchases.

Morphe Brushes

Morphe Brushes definitely had gotten their name out there for their makeup brushes and eye shadow palettes. Jaclyn Hill and other social media influences have hyped up this brand, so I thought I would get a couple of brushes from. They do run from low to medium price range, the quality doesn’t really compare to Sigma or any other high end brand but it was good enough to become a favorite of mine. They really have a wide variety of brushes, so if you are looking to start a collection I would say this is the brand for beginners.

Luxie Beauty 

They are a vegan brush company that has stunning rose gold brushes, but looks are not what  the important factor, it’s how well they work. Lets just say they work amazing; I did have a problem with the brushes breaking in the beginning, so I reached out to the company and theyt immediately replaced what had broken.  They have a variety of brushes, my favorite are the dual ended ones, what a space saver!  This can easily be compared to the Sigma brushes, but for me personally Sigma Brushes are my all time favorite.

Real Techniques

Started by two sisters are famous on YouTube- These brushes are one of the best drug store brushes yet they feel and work as if they are high end. It could be a little bit confusing when you start out purchasing makeup brushes, there is a huge variety of brushes, what functions they serve and how to even use them. Real Techniques gets down to the basic of basics and you can really see what each brush is meant for. Real Techniques has the best basics every needs to  have. My favorite is the Foundation brush, took my makeup game to the next level. They do sell in Ulta too!

What are your favorite makeup brands?

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