December Favorites!!

Good bye to 2015 and hello 2016, I love new beginnings & fresh starts. But before we jump into 2016 and all the wonders it has to offer us, lets recap a little bit with a December Favorites. These are the few beauty products I having been navigating towards for the month of december. 

  •  Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Body Lotion has been a favorite from the minute I applied it on my skin. New York has become unpleasantly cold the past couple of weeks (I am pretty sure that some states are worse!), therefore I nourish my hands and feet with this body lotion daily and its soul food for the skin!

  • Nail Polish is by Essie “Aurba Blue”– my latest obsession! -“Escape to paradise with this frosty sapphire blue nail polish. this vacation in a bottle is an Essie salon pedicure favorite.” It has this interesting shine that I am slightly obsessed with! Here is a photo the nail polish on my short nails!…how awesome is this color? Cannot get enough of it! 

  • Victoria Secret 2 in 1 Hair and Body Oil – This product is a perfume oil, sad to say unfortunately this product has been discontinued and I was not able to find it on their website but I did find it on Amazon if anyone is still interested. Truthfully, I have had this for products laying around for a couple of months, until this crazy New York winter came around I find my self using it more and more this month. I mainly use this on my hands, legs and hair!.

  • J’adore Eau Perfume– A Classic, I love the scent and it never gets old. As you can see I am almost out, need to replenish / “An opulent bouqet of floral essences including Ylang-Ylang, Damascena Rose & Jasmine Sambac, embodying the ideals of French xury and ultimate femininity. The Bottle takes shape from the figure 8 symbol. Eight was Christian Diors lucky number and its shape echoes the curves of a woman”

  • Revlon Rose HD Lipstick in Rose. I absolutely love these lipsticks, perfect for these crazy cold new york days.. These lipsticks have an amazing scent I have about 4 of these lipsticks but so far this soft pink and nude lipstick was my favorite. Make sure to check out the Revlon Hd Lipstick Review Blog I did a while ago.

Hopefully I can keep up these monthly favorites, what do you guys think of this blog, let me get your opinion. What are your monthly favorites? 

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