5 Makeup Must Haves- January Edition

A makeup lover knows that we all need a few makeup essentials that we carry around to touch up. Some day we run late to work, meeting’s or even dinner date, whatever the occasion might be, if you’re a fan of makeup, then you know how important it is to have a few simple necessity in our makeup bags. Here are my 5 Makeup Must haves.

Let’s start of with 

1. Concealer, such a staple these days, a must have for every woman. The one I use now day’s is the Maybelline Better Then Skin Concealer. I use this concealer just to touch up underneath the eyes, red spots on the face. You can have a smooth finished face with just a few dabs of concealer. Even when I do apply foundation I find that I tend to touch my face a lot through out the day. 

2. Blush, I love using the NYX Blush Never fails. Unless you have naturally red/pinkish cheeks then a blush is a must! It has that effect of making woman look more alive. Especially with me, I am super pale, I have to have that extra color to my cheeks. It just makes a huge difference. I like to carry around a more darker toned blush during the winter time’s, only for reason, I become pale as a ghost so I desperately need that extra flush of color. ( I carry around with me a little blush brush you can easily get from any blush compact)

3. Lipstick is one of the most basic makeup products woman have been wearing since the early 3000 BC: Ancient Mesopotamian. Whether it’s Lip Balm, Chapstick, Lipstick or Lipstain, each one of us needs to carry around some sort of a lip product. I switch up my lipsticks everyday but lately these days the cold weather aren’t quite pleasant to my lips. Thus I need that extra moisture, so I use this Clinique “Chubby Stick Moisturizing Colour Balm” . It has a hint of color & hydrates my lips, preventing those harsh cracks we all hate! 

4. Eyeliner, you can go from a simple wing line to a nice smoked out look. The one I love to use recently is the Mac’s Eye Pencil in Smolder. Eyeliner is so versitile, you can go smokey to simple and clean eye look. It’s a simple product, I am 99% sure that we all have applied eyeliner once or twice in our life’s. Down to the basic woman, who doesn’t even like makeup. I know a lot of people would prefer Mascara instead of Eyeliner but it can go both ways. 

5. Last but not least,  a Mirror , any small compact mirror will do. Unfortunately  My Mirror broke…(7 years of bad luck…hell no!)  I usually carry around my YSL Wildy Gold Palette, ( sadly this is discontinued)  It has a few eyeshadows, blush and two lipglosses. I love this baby and the mirror is reasonably sized. They have a new edition in Kiss & Love Palette if anyone is interested. . I got this as a gift and carry it with me at all time

These are my 5 Makeup must have’s. Pretty simple right? 
Let me know what are your 5 Makeup Must haves!!

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