Morphe 350 Palette Review- Worth the money?

Its been to long, I’m back!
Lets start off this blog by asking this question:  Am I the only one who swears by Jaclyn Hill’s beauty advice?
She recently collabarted with Morphebrushes and came out with a palette and it was quickly sold out. She mentioned the Morphe 350 which quickly sold out too and not to long ago they restocked. She did a video dedicated to this palette and how amazingly pigmented these shadows are, which had made me jump on the Morphe palette band wagon. I have always heard of people talking about this company and how much they love it and what not. Hesitating to purchase from them, I just gave it a go and was the best decision I made with this palette.
When I did receive  this palette I wasn’t expecting such amazing quality shadows!
The Morphe 350 Palette has 35 Warm toned shades, Some matte and some shimmer.
They blend easily and are not chalky. I wouldn’t compare this to MAC but its getting there!
One thing I don’t like about this palette is does have fall out, more then I would like but I can deal with that. Unfortunately this product is all sold out! it sold out within one day of the release and will be restocking soon. I don’t know when but will update everyone!
You can shop other palette’s, the quality is just as good. You can purchase individual shadows and palettes.
 I purchased this 350 palette for about $22 plus shipping and tax which was about a total of $30. Not to bad considering you get 35 shades, from your transition shades, highlight, dark toned and most important these colors can be applied on anyone because the how neutral toned the shades are.
These are two different eye looks, the first one is a cut crease and the second is a copper smokey eye.


In a nutshell you rock!

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