Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review


ne of the most popular & trending makeup companies is Colour Pop Cosmetics–  they are especially popular for their matte liquid lipsticks, I mean if you don’t own a matte lipstick are you even wearing makeup? They have extended their brand with eyeshadows, blushes and now concealers. I think it started off with a couple of well-known youtubers show casing their matte liquid lips for an affordable price. And then the media frenzy began, other companies quickly jumped to produce their own versions of liquid lips, from matte to satin. Now if you are not well versed in the makeup dictionary, a matte liquid lipstick s a lipstick melted down and mattified in a tube. That’s all it is, now I wanted to see what the rave was all about 
ColourPop’s currently a wide selection for their liquid lips. The Ultra Matte Lip, The Ultra Satin and Ultra Blotted liquid lipsticks. They have grown the company and have expanded to lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and more.  
 I did only purchase 3 colors and a couple of shadows because I didn’t know how I would feel about them, so I made a safe bet and ordered 3 and If I love them then I would make another purchase. 

I ordered, Tulle, Bumble and Avenue. The reason why purchased these 3 particular colors was that autumn fall season is right around the corner and what better way to get into the moment with a couple of dark warm tone liquid lipsticks.  

  Pros Let start off with why I really like these lipstick, they are insanley pigmentedOingnly need one coat to get the full color on the lips. Rich in color, they glide on very smoothly when applied; doesn’t settle into cracks of the lips, layering on very smoothly. In my personal experience they didn’t bleed outside the lip. Best part once dried it’s smudge and transfer proof! I kiss my children all day long and hate it when lip products transfer on their little cheeks! Not with this product, it doesn’t leave any stains anywhere so when I eat and drink it won’t transfer(Haven mind that when eating hot foods, the lipstick do tend to melt off) When they dry, of course they dry matte, but one thing that leaves my lips feeling unpleasant is that they don’t dry to the point where I don’t notice I am wearing it, I do still feeling this wear feeling on my lips, nothing I have ever experienced before so I don’t know if all matte liquid lipstick are this way or is it just this one.. (Leave a comment if you have experienced this before!)

 Cons: This product isn’t the best when it comes to the packaging; one thing I absolutely hate is that when I open up the tube some of the lip color splatters! Drives me crazy but it’s okay. I only noticed this when my mirror was full of lipstick drop’s. Would I say this product is worth that type of struggle? maybe; The darker shades are great in the beginning then start to form weird patches and crumble off as time goes by.  I learnt my lesson the hard way with these babies, moisturize your lips before applying them and don’t go crazy with layering them. Have in mind, they do transfer on the teeth within the first few seconds of applications, I know I said they dry matte within a couple of seconds and don’t smudge afterwards 
Warning: These do transfer on the teeth when wet so have in mind to not close your lips or it will tr 

 Would I repurchase these Ultra Matte Lipsticks? I would repurchase these lipstick but would not splurge on them because of how they to tend to crumble on the lip and dry in an unpleasant feeling. They are worth the buck, they go for about $6.00 per item, making them a lot more affordable then some drugstore lipsticks. If you are starting to grow your makeup collection I would suggest going with this Ultra Matte Lipsticks.  




In this photo I am wearing Tulle  “Not the douchey kind but a dusty mauve burgundy” –Colour Pop. It seems as if it is a deep brown then a mauve burgundy. 




In the next photo I am wearing the shade Bumble-
Everyone will bee buzzing when you wear this dusty warm terracotta” – Colour Pop. 
I did over line my lips just a wee bit and it actually looks great. This looks more like a dark pink/mauve color, it also depends on the lighting. 
Last but not least this is “Avenue” Colour Pop- “Sleep all day, stay up all night in this deep yellow red”. Such a gorgeous deep red. 



Here is a recap of the pro’s and con’s 
  • Affordable 
  • Dries Super Quick  
  • Smudge Proof 
  • Kiss proof 
  • Highly Pigmented 
  • Long Lasting 



  • Not the best for dry lips 
  • Transfers on teeth within first couple of seconds of application 
  • Doesn’t layer well 
  • Splatters when opened up 
  • Stains the lips 
 Overall, I like these lipsticks but can’t say I am a huge fan of the Ultra Matte Lipsticks, I would love to try out their other lipsticks in the near future. If I had to pick one that I liked the most it would be Bumble, such a rich, deep brown color!  
You can purchase this Ultra Matte Lipsticks along with other products such as eyeshadows, lip pencils and more at 
One thing they could improve on formulation & consistency. 
Question: Do you own any of colour pop cosmetics products, if so what is it? 
If you do own them what are your favorites? 
Leave your comments down below! 

2 thoughts on “Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

  1. Kristen Csaki says:

    OMG I haven't seen the show since it was airing years and years ago and even then I only saw the first season but your photo for Bumble makes you look exactly like Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester's character from Gossip Girl. You have the makeup the style, the hair, and you are so beautiful! Makeup very on point aside from that! ❤


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