Whats New?: M∙A∙C Vamplify Collection

M∙A∙C Vamplify Collection

I love  M∙A∙C because of their creativity when it comes to developing the newest makeup collections. I am blown away with this on, I haven’t purchased anything yet but, yesterday M∙A∙C launches their M∙A∙C Vamplify Collection. This lip gloss is available online now and will be available in-store on Sept 3rd through Oct 15th. They have 17 shades of the lipgloss and 12 new shades of the Pro Longwear lip pencil which happens to be my favorite formula from their liners.

I love the theme, it falls into autmun season were the nights are longer, weather gets colder and makeup gets bolder.

Here’s what they have to say about the collection:

Be seduced by our most dramatic lipgloss yet, M·A·C Vamplify. Infused with a new colour-boosting technology, the formula is loaded with high-powered pigments in 17 shades, including three online-exclusives. One swipe loads lips with attitude, as a combination of lush natural oils polish with moisturizing colour. The glossy colour wears comfortably for hours, for a look that comes on strong and doesn’t let go. Also, dare you to resist the near-everlasting power of Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, now in 12 new shades.

Vamplify Lip Gloss $20.00  
A lipgloss infused with colour-boosting technology that’s loaded with pigments.

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil $20.00
A new form of long-wearing lip pencil technology that saturates lips in rich colour.

How gorgeous are these lip-glosses? I am really loving the cool toned lip glosses, just in time for fall!
Pr Long Wear Lip Pencil


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❤ What are your favorite's from this collection?

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