Kat Von D Tatto Eyeliner Review

Review: Kat Von D Tatto Liner in Trooper

 Kat Von D, has managed to create amazing quality vegan makeup line and most of the products are amazing quality, exclusively sold in sephora. I did get a couple of things but not the tattoo liner. I had discovered this product in a Sephora beauty box called “draw the line”. It was a collection of mini eye liners from marc jacobs to stila and etc….The “Tattoo Liner” by Kat Von D was the one I kept on coming back to until I ran out.  
The right thing to do was to purchase this and this liner is a staple in my makeup kit. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18.00 U.S for 0.2 oz) comes in a sleek, marker like design. The lid is nice and sturdy, when closing the liner, you hear a little click which ensures me that the liner is fully close and there is no problem with the felt tip drying out. This product did last me about a year with out any issues.  


This liner is so simple to use, especially if you have a heavy hand, this will make it quite easy. The Formula is out of this world, the color is a very opaque intense black. When first applying the eyeliner, you need to give it a few strokes on the back of your hand to get it flowing. Aside from its simplicity and color intensity, the longevity is outstanding. This liner dries within 10 seconds of applying and then it locks in place. The one thing in particular that I love about this product is that it won’t transfer into to the crease. I have used many liquid liners, and most of them have this issue, which is quite annoying. Especially for my clients with more oilier eyelids or mono toned lids. 

 How I use this product: First give it a good shake, then when you open up the cap take a paper towel and use the back of your hand and just draw a couple of strokes to get the product flowing. Then I like to draw a thin line on my lid and extend outwards and slowly draw out a wing. To perfect a good wing will take practice so don’t be overwhelmed. This is one of the easiest ways to apply on eyeliner, trust me when I say that. This product is exclusively sold at sephora and amazon!

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