Buxom Eyeshadow Review!

Buxom Eyeshadow Review

I think most people who walk into sephora come in for a one product or so, they usaully end up leaving with something completely different. Let’s be real there are so many beauty products from Mascaras to foundations and so on; of course we wont just come in and not want anything else no matter what the budget is. I never even heard of Buxom eyeshadows and truthfully didn’t really care for them, I was fine with what I had at the moment. Then a sales representative had suggested these eyeshadows and the rest is history.

Buxom eyeshadows come in all types of finishes from mattes, satins to shimmers. Each eyeshadow is very pigmented and the quality is supreme. 

BUXOM Eyeshadow They retail for $12.00 each or $40.00 for 6.  The more obvious chose would be to go with the costumizable palette because first off you save money and they compact is very easy to use and light weight. So it ‘s worth it so $40, it does come out a lot more affordable when you buy the compact with 6 eyeshadows comes out to be $6 plus change. So half the price– hold on, half the price? Yes you read correctly its half the price…. and no I am not sponsored to talk about the price reduction… I wish (haha). Each eyeshadow is held inside a metal pan that is (presumably) glued into a plastic pan that snaps into the compact/palette; very easy to work with. The eyeshadows are easily lifted in and out of the palette, so you can rearrange them or create a new combination if you have more than one set of six. The eyeshadow formula is one that works better in action than swatched, as several of the mattes seemed on the thinner, more powdery side, but then they would blend exceptionally well while adhering to bare skin–and they wouldn’t fade any faster than the more shimmery eyeshadows. The more shimmery shades tended to outperform the matte shades with better color payoff. These eyeshadows seem to have a slightly firmer press and they range over 40 eyeshadows. You can also intensify the colors by mixing them with a medium such as MAC’s Fix Plus or water.

Designer or Die is this matte shadow, that is perfect for the crease as a transition shade. This is a shadow that you could build up, so if you apply to much this is a workable shadow.

Feather Boa is a soft matte pink shade, that I just love. This is also a very build -able shadow.

Patent Leather is a gorgeous silver mauve toned shimmer shadow, this is a very versitile shade, i love using it on my outer corner. 

Pure Platinum is my favorite out of all of these shadows. This is the most pigmented and just applies beautifuly. 

Schmooze is a bright & electric blue shadow, I love using this with Mac’s Fix plus to make the color even more intense.

Last but not least Wild Nights is a gorgeous shimmer purple shade. I  apply this on my lid and compliment’s any eye color wonderfully. 

On her eyelids I used Pure Platinum and Schmooze followed by other shadow from different companies. You can see how strong the pigmentation is on her eyelids!

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