Maybelline or Covergirl Foundation?

A great foundation is key to a flawless finished face. 

Today I wanted to review two affordable, drugstore foundations.
“Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous & Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation”

The CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation has a very smooth and easy application, almost flawless. 
I find that it blends well, provides light to medium coverage and can be layered easily; however, while the coverage is good, it does not completely mask imperfections – concealer is needed to tackle any pesky spots. The only draw back is that the shades limited and you could have a hard time choosing, I am more to the lighter skin tone so i usually stick with the second shade from the collection. Despite all the rave reviews, there are a few things I’ve discovered while using this product that it does contain pink & yellow undertone’s, so you have to be picky with your shades when choosing out the right foundation. This is doesn’t say what type of coverage it has but from what I see it is medium to light coverage and it last’s me almost the whole day. You can get this at your local drugstore for about $8.99, this foundation is worth every penny, perfect for the summer days. Safe to say that this foundation met my expectations, light weight, medium to full coverage and long lasting.

On to the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation is a thicker consistency and I feel like you have to blend a little bit more to get a smoother finish. This is a medium to full coverage foundation, my color is “115 Ivory”. This does claim to be for all skin types but I can say it definitely is not, because i have dry skin and I see that it just sits on top of the dry area’s, even though my face is moisturized and prepped for foundation, it just doesn’t sit right on my skin. This collection also has pink and yellow undertone’s so picking out the right shade’s can be tricky.  This product does have a long lasting effect and does  good job at staying on the face without smudging. This foundation also says “Skin-Transforming” foundation, well my skin looks the same and sad to say that this foundation didn’t really met my expectations. This new collection does come with concealers, they are limited in only 3 shades:
 30 Light/Medium, 40 Medium, 50 Medium/Deep. The price on this foundation $9.99, but the price varies in different locations. 
Overall, I really like the Covergirl “Ready Set Gorgeous” foundation and definitely would be repurchasing it.

Leave me a comment on your favorite foundation!

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