Mini Review: Rimmel London Argain Oil

Hello my lovelies.
I decided to do a quick mini review for you all. I picked up the “Rimmel London Argain Oil Wonder’ful Mascara”  about 1 month ago at Walgreens. It claims that lashes feel conditioned, soft and flexible, with zero clumps and a feather-light volume. Ultra Flex brush with ultra-soft bristles also hugs lashes defining them from root to tip.
The result: all lashes revealed with full, perfectly smooth, clump-free volume.
Well I beg to differ, this  mascara did not work for me what so ever. I used this Mascara for about a good 2 weeks and I just can’t seem to find anything I like about it. I bought it because I loved he sleek golden design of the case. Like they say “Don’t judge a book by the cover”, sad to say I did and thought it would be a really good mascara. Sad to say I was very disappointed and this mascara just lays hidden somewhere in my makeup collection.

Picture is curtsy of Google.



It clumped my lashes together, it looked as if I had 5 thick strands of lashes on my eyes. 
It made my lashes stiff, ironically this is suppose to condition your lashes but I didn’t feel any improvement in my lashes. This is a wet formula, but it dry’s hard making it as if my lashes will snap….I really did give this mascara a good go, but it just wasn’t cooperating with me so I had to part ways. 

Do any of you guys use this mascara? & if you do use this, leave a comment down below with your opinion on this product!

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