Bronzer Victoria Secret Makeup look

Victoria Secret Bronzed Look

It’s that time of year again, flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up and the sun beaming on us. Now if you are like me, a person who just doesn’t tan evenly then we might have a problem. Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can achieve a nice glow perfect for spring and summer. I was inspired by the Victoria Secret model’s glowy bronzed makeup look. It seems so effortless, fresh and simple; As if it comes from within. But we know it doesn’t and the only way to get it is from applying the right types of makeup. This is not an all natural look, but more of a bronzed  beauty look.Who doesn’t love an a glowing goddess look?  I know I do!

Here are the products I have used, if anyone would like to know where they could be purchase I have posted a link for the products.

I started off with the eye makeup as always, I have primed my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion and let it set for a couple of minutes. While it was setting into my skin I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo Powder in the Shade “Medium Ash”
I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette; I love this palette for many reason. First off, this palette comes with all the shades you need, I use this palette very often and always come back for more because of the versatility of these shades.

I Applied the shade “Chopper” and then applied “Half Baked” on top, layering the colors one on top of the other. Then taking the color “Half Baked” into my inner corners.

Then I applied the color “Tease”; which is a matte soft mauve color, applying it to my crease and blending it in wind shield wiper motion, until it has a soft faded effect.

 Then I took the shade “Busted”, applying it with on the root of my eyelashes and winging it out. I used a flat angled brush. don’t worry if it doesn’t come out neat or perfectly winged, we will be blending out that wing and blending it into the crease. No harsh’s line, just blend blend blend…

I lined my eye’s with the color “Black Out”. I wanted to add a little bit of depth, so I took a small pointed brush and lined my eye’s, and I stopped once I reached the outer corner of my eye.
Then taking the color “BootyCall” to my brow bone to add a highlighter effect.

Then I added some falsies, the indivdual ones. The single lashes give more of a natural feel to the eyes, as apposed to a full strip of lashes

I used Duo Lashe glue, as you can see this picture shows the glue in the process of drying

Then I took nyx jumbo pencil in Cashmere and added to my waterline and inner corner. I stop here with my eyes and move on to my face. Some people might continue and finish off with the eye makeup, but i feel it is easier to apply concealer and foundation on my under eye circles without having to much eye shadow on my lower lash to fuss with.

Now lets move on to the foundation, concealer and bronzer!

Then went onto the face.

Mixing my Lancome Foudnation with my BB Illumation Creme, really add’s that golden glowing bronzed look without looking to orange and gives it that natural looking glow.
Then I applied my concealer to my dark under eye circles and where ever I had blemishes.

The trick to blending and getting that smoothness between my eyeshados and the concealer is to blend with a small fluffy brush. Using my Real techniques brush

Then I added the nyx jumbo pencil to my inner corner

Then I added the color pistol underneath outer corner to give it a little bit of depth underneath my eyes and a smoker feel to it.

Then applying my Physicians formula booster bronzer.

This bronzer is just the best. you could find it at your local drugstore and it is a little bit on the pricey side considering this is a drugstore product. This will give you the most sheerest bronzed glow, have in mind you have to apply in small layers if you want to build up the intensity on your face.
I didn’t add highlighter because all BB cream and bronzer had added enough highlight and glow to my skin. You can substitute this BB creme for a highlighter and apply it on the areas where the light will naturaly show up on your face. Basically the high points of the face, the nose, the cheeks, on your brow bone, a little bit on your cupids bow.

You can see the differnce between these two pictures how the bronzer add’s that extra glow to my paleness.

I lined my lips with macs Subculture, overlining the lips just a bit to even them out. Then I added Dior Lip Maximizer, to plump up my lips for a glow.

This photo was taken with natural light and no flash, so i will look more bronzed as appose to all the other photo’s that were taken in the process of applying my makeup.


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