Revlon Hd Lipstick Review | Petunia + Peony |

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Review!

The Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks is all about that HD color. These are highly pigmented lipsticks and the finish has a healthy sheen to it. I just love how smooth and creamy they feel on my lips; not to mention the hydrating formula on these lipsticks. The color payoff is incredible on some of these, not all some.

There are 20 shades to pick from and they are in the permanent collection.
Let’s just say, I am officially in love with them, this definitely beats their butter lipsticks and regular lipstick. The Ultra HD Lipstick collection is flowers inspired and the Ultra HD Lipgloss collection was named after gems.
Seriously, the minute I purchased this product, I was craving for more, and I went out and purchased more. There is only one issue, they transfer easily, so I am always double checking my teeth for lipstick marks. 
I purchased were Petunia and Peony; Petunia is sort of a magenta purple shade and Peony is a little cool toned pink.


This photo was taken by natural light without flash.

 I love applying this lipstick on my lips when my eyes are more down played. I wouldn’t recommend this to all woman out there because it might not match everybody’s complexion. Very smooth application and packed with color. With flash this lipstick does give off a more reddish orange hue as appose to its magenta purple based hue, so watch out for flash photography the lipstick shade will change.


This photo was taken with flash

Peony is a little bit patchy when applied on the lips; which drives me insane.
So not all of the lipstick leave the same consistency on the lips, I only purchase so far two of their lipsticks, I didn’t feel the need to buy 5 at a time. This lipstick a little bit sheerer so as opposed to Petunia, so not a lot of coverage going on here.

As you can see the Peony swatch is a little bit patchier than the Petunia swatch.
One more thing I need to mention is that the packaging needs an upgrade. When the lipsticks fall they banged against the shell and leave dents on the bullets. The fact these lipsticks are such good quality we can let that minor problem slid, for know….
 You can purchase these beauties at any drugstore for $7.99 a pop. 


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