Milani Cosmetic’s Blush and Eyeshadow Review

Milani Cosmetics is definitely stepping up their makeup game: They range from eye shadows, blushes, mascara, eyeliners, bronzers and much more. This review will be on the new blushes and eye shadows. The last couple of months I decided to try out Milani products, at first I picked up some blushes, then some eye shadows and last but not least the lipsticks. (I already have a review on the lipstick; Milani-Lipstick-Review)  The eye shadow collection really impressed me- the “Bella Gel Eye Shadows”.  I don’t see why they consider it “Gel”, nothing gel about these shadows, but that is not my biggest worry. They range from 30 shades; so far  I have only purchased two but its winner.
From their previous collection the “Rose Blushes”And the “Baked Blushes”
There are two baked powder blushes, one rose blush and two Bella Gel eye shadows.
Left to Right:
Blushes: 02 Rose D’oro, 05 Coral Love, 01 Dolce Pink
Eye Shadows: Bella Bronze (Metallic) and Bella Emerald (Shimmer)

02 Rose D’oro is a mixture between a blush, bronze and a highlighter. I mainly use this product at night, when I am taking pictures and want an extra glow to my skin. Unfortunately my son had the thrown it on the floor and it cracked so their isn’t lots of product left. Once I run out this will definitely be restocked in my makeup collection.
 I am not the biggest fan of the 01 Dolce Pink blush, it has a little bit too much shimmer for my preference so I use it as an eye shadow sometimes. There is hint of a blue undertone which is kind of weird… It also has a shear pink finish, just applying this blush will give you the smallest flush on your cheek’s.

The newest blushes are stunning, the design is a rose theme, which add’s a feminine quality to it. Just seeing this blush makes me feel more ladylike and womanly. They come in 4 shades and I picked up Coral Love.  These blushes are a matte finish and highly pigmented, so becareful on how much you apply on your brush. One swipe or dab with your brush will get you a long way.
I bought this in my local Walgreens, they only had two color’s left in stock. 08 tea rose and …… I went with this shade because spring 1 month away and I love my bright colors.
They are limited addition so get them while they last.
The blush last’s pretty much all day and gives me a natural flush.. Milani/Roseblush


As you can see from the swatches the New rose blushes are very pigmented as apposed to the baked blushes. 

These eye shadows are very pigmented, are very smooth, not chalky & blend very well. They are pigmented but not insanely pigmented; at the price of 4.49$ per shadows they are definitely worth it. Bella Bronze is more pigmented and condensed then the Bella Emerald, I don’t think every shadow is the same when it comes to formula because some are matte, shimmer and metallic. If you are starting out with makeup and don’t want to spend to much money on shadows, these are great. They contain 0.05 oz/ 1.4 g of shadow. They come in 30 shades, check them on their website.>Milani/Eyeshadows

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