Review & Eye Tutorial- Mac Cosmetics

Hey guys! this blog will be about a step by step using these 4 MAC shades I blogged about earlier. I will do more tutorials using this shades.
You don’t necessarily have to use these shade, you can find dupes in the drug store, if you want comment below and I will do some research to find out the best comparison for these shades.
Lets get started!
As you can see I have provided the shades so you can know which color I used.
 I applied the color Mythology from the middle of the lid to the inner corner.
 The I applied the shade Da Bling from the middle of the lid to the outer corner.
Seems simple enough right? You don’t even have to blend these colors together because they are very similar. 

It should look like this, 

Then I add the shade Soft Brown in the crease with a fluffy brush, going from my outer corner to my inner corner. This shade, Soft brown isn’t such an intense color, so if you want more depth I suggest building it up.- If you have more darker skin I suggest using the color Saddle, also from MAC. It is a deeper brown color.

It should look like this. So far these are such easy and simple steps, especially for beginners who don’t really like to apply to much eye shadow or make up on a daily basis. 
FOURTH: Then I took the shade Sketch and applied it on a flat eye shadow brush and lined my eyes starting from the middle of my lid, to the outer corner and extended out, like a little wing. Its totally fine if you don’t have a nice line, or its smudgy because we will start blending this color out.

Super simple right?

I started blending this color into my crease and back onto the lid. the shape i used was a side ways V. 

After the I stopped blending I added the color Sketch with Soft brown to my lower line. Just apply a little bit with a flat brush, then take a really clean fluffy brush and start blending out. 

Keep in mind I already had concealer and foundation on before I applied these shadows. If you have natural under eye circles, and you do go for this eye look it will not suite you. Make sure you apply some concealer or at least foundation to brighten and even out your complexion,

After I went back and added some more sketch and repeated that process because I like the extra depth. If you feel as if your look is to dark, just take a big fluffy brush and start blending out. 

I blended everything out with a fluffy brush and just  lightly blended everything out.
I added the color Shroom, which is basically a highlighter shade, a very light and shimmery shade under the eye brow.  
I didn’t add eyeliner on top, just in my water line. If you want, add the top liner, or winged liner for a more defined and dramatic look.


We are done!
Hope you guys like this look!

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