Origins Ginzing Energy Booster Moisturizer Review!

Origins GinZing Energy Booster Moisturizer!



First skin care, then makeup, remember that; good skin care consists of moisturizers, creams, oils, exfoliates that work for you. Not into all of that, it is perfectly fine–moisturizer is as basic as it gets and my favorite is Origins GinZing Energy Booster Moisturizer. This moisturizer is perfect for anyone who has normal to dry skin, especially for those colder climates that can bring cause dry skin.  
When I first bought this product, this moisturizer was not my initial purpose of purchase. I was going in to buy the Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream, and the sales lady at Macy’s talked my into buying the set for $30 dollars. The set included the Eye cream, Moisturizer, origins mascara. Have in mind that when I did purchase the set it the size of the product was a little bit less than the original product size. You can purchase this product at Sephora, Macys, UltaOrigins and more. I did get mine from Macys and the best part was I got quite a few samples, it was  probably the kind and generous sales lady! If you go there definitely ask for samples!  
 About this product: 
This product refreshes and hydrates my dry skin, it has a very revitalizing scent- a citric jist to it.  At nights after I strip off all of my makeup, like a mad woman, I tone my face and apply just a little bit of their night cream, in the morning when I wake up this is what I look forward to. The moisturizer feels as if I am having mini spa moment. It has the best scent sort of like a bach of fresh oranges. The consistency of this moisturizer is thin and does not sit heavy on the skin. On the days I do apply this product, I feel as if it set my skin for a great day.  This is 1.0 ounce but the original size is 2.5 ounce. As you see I emptied out the moisturizer, but the eye cream Why? Does the eye cream not satisfy my dry skin needs? Well the story goes like this… I had a sample size for their eye cream that I used up with my Sephora points, but now I am using up the eye cream. This eye cream helped out my dry under eyes a lot. I only use it when I need it, so for now all is fair and well. But days where I see I am drier than usual am I do apply this product. 
This moisturizer has helped my dry skin tremendously, my skin is much more awake, refreshed and has a rejuvenated glow

Update:2018 –They have reformulated and redesigned their packaging.

Whats your favorite moisturizer and have you ever tried out the origins ginzing moisturizer?

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