Mac Haul Review!

The other day I was in the city and I did a little retail therapy and purchased a couple of products for Mac.
I purchased MAC Mineralize Foundation and concealer and a couple of eye shadows!!
I have to say I have never had a Foundation that matched my skin to so amazingly well!.
This is the Mineralized Skin finish foundation and concealer which means that this is specifically designed for more dry skin. This product is light to medium coverage, and doesn’t leave any dry stops on my face.

The colors I use for foundation is  NC15 and for Concealer is in the shade NC20

Now i will admit that this is my first high end concealer and this covers up my small imperfections like crazy! I honestly don’t even have to put on foundation after i apply the concealer, it just makes my skin look natural!. Covers up my under eye circles and redness around my nose and blemish on my. Thats my to go look on an average day, when I dont have to time be glam.
Another big plus about this concealer that it doesnt crease! A lot of drugstore concealers crease under m eye circles but this one does not!.
The Minrelized Skin Finish Foundation, has a really smooth consistency and is light to medium coverage, so this is perfect for a night out, but beware! It has spf! so be prepared to look a little bit lighter then usual in photo’s.









For the shadows I bought two separate eye shadows and 1 quad palette.
The two shades are Saddle- Is a warm toned brown  and Shroom- A gorgeous highlighter.
Now After picking out those two colors I couldn’t resist and went for more eye shadows. The sales lady told me I could customize my own palette so she helped build me the perfect quad- A quad holds 4 shadows-.
Usually each shadow is $16, but this quad is $48 plus tax. Its a little bit less if you build your own palette, so if you have the money, go for it! The value will be worth it.
The colors that are in the quad are, Soft Brown, Sketch, Mythology and Da Bling.
I was thinking of going with a natural palette that would look good with everyone. Two mattes and Two shimmery shades.
Soft Brown- Is obviously a soft brown color I use in my crease as a transition shade.
Da Bling- Is this gorgeous pink shimmery shade.
Mythology- Is more golden toned shimmery eye shadow
Sketch- Is a Deep Brownish Purple shadow
I originally wasn’t going to choose Sketch because I fell in love with another purple, which was a little bit of a lighter shade but they were out of stock. I forgot the name so I can not provide with the shade I originally wanted .

These Shadows swatch really nicely, the blend even more amazingly!. So smooth and blend effortlessly. Some eye shadows just really dont work when t comes to blending, but these mac shadows are just amazing.. The soft brown and Saddle are amazing for the crease to create a nice soft smokey look, or just adding some depth to your crease. Da Bling and Mythology complement each other so well. And the color Sketch really brings out any eye color. And the color shroom, is the perfect shade for highlighting for any skin tone and color.

Hope you like my blog on this haul!!!
i love using these colors and if you ever wanted to build up a nice palette that you can use on the go, this is definitely the one!
I Will do a blog on what type of look you can create with all these shades,

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