Gerard Cosmetics, Lip swatches and Review

Hey guys this will be a review on Gerard Cosmetics review!
I wanted to know what they hype over this company is, so I went out and bought myself some products and I am not affiliated with this product so all reviews and opinions are my own!
So I ordered 3 lipsticks and the BB Illumination Creme.
The designs are really slick and I love the golden lipstick case. It gives everything an elegant vibe!. Beware finger prints will appear on the lipstick case.

The first Product I will review is the BB Plus Illumination Creme.
Now this bb creme is suppose to give you a golden look, giving you that natural glow!
Well I can say that I don’t think it does, it depends on how you apply it.
It isn’t very creamy, which confuses me because one pump only gets me to cover one side of my face and another 3 pumps to cover the rest of my face.
This product is crazy pigmented! So when i first applied this I looked like a golden disco ball!. 

This is about 1 pump 
And I have spread it out on my hand, but one pump doesn’t go far and look how pigmented it is.
I would definitely recommend using this product with some moisturizer or foundation, but if you use more then 2 pumps on your face you will look like a disco ball! I repeat Disco ball! 
(Unless that is the look you are going for!)

Right: 1995 -Center:Buttercup -Left: Tequila Sunrise

The lipsticks are very creamy and does have a lot of color pay off. I have to say they are kind of expansive for one bullet but they do have constant discounts for their products. If you have instagram follow them!
You can purchase these for $20 a lipstick.  But I bought them for 40$ using some type of discount, mannylip, but I don’t think it is available at the moment. They are not so moisturizing so make sure your lips are primed and soft without any cracks. But over all they do give off a good color. This company does have lipglosses and eyebrow products, but I decdied to just stick with these products for now.


Okay so here are the swatches

Tequila sunrise

This is one of my favorite from the three. This color is gorgeous and adds a pop to any makeup look


The buttercup is a shear lipstick which has a little bit of shine to it which makes the lips a little but plump. This is the lightest lipstick on the lips. So if your going out and you want a soft lip this will definitely do. I could say this compares to Dior Swan 263, which I did a recent blog on, if you do want to check it out I will put a label.

This is a nice dark brown color, non of these shade are completely matte because they have a little bit of gloss. It definitely has a thicker consistency then the other lipsticks. 

Overall I really do enjoy these lipsticks and how they feel on my lips. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to splurge on a lipstick or two from this company!


I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Definitely go ahead and pic up a lipstick or two! 
If you do own these lipsticks or the bb creme, tell me your take on this!
Have a great day!

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