Cut Crease Makeup Look

Hey everyone! I decided to do a cut crease eye look today. I used the Too faced Natural eye palette. They come with such amazing warm toned colors.
I am using the Too Faced Natural Palette. They have discontinued this product and revised it so they have a different version.
this is the new version, so if you have this palette, you can still pull of this look…
You can purchase this off amazon, sephora, macys.
Now lets begin!
I started off by using the color Heaven all over my lid, with this color it is hard to get that rich vanilla look on the lid right away so I slowly built it up as I went along.

Now as a transition shade I used the color Velvet Revolver, on my crease. This color is a really light shadow s if you wont seem to notice this on your crease its okay. ( you might want to use a darker color if your skin tone is darker then mine)

Then I used the color Coco Puff and drew a line from the corner of my crease to the outer corner and then took the same blending brush I used to blend out velvet revolver , i start blending out coco puff.
Now this may seem hard if you have never done a cut crease before, so i suggest lots of practice before attempting this look and going out.

The once i blended coco puff out, I go back again and repeat the same exact step. Blending is the key to a good eye look.

Then I went in again with the Heaven shade and reapplied it on my lid, and this is the time where you can correct any lines that didn’t go so smoothly.

After I added the color Sexpresso too my crease, just to define it more, and then started to blend it out.
Now I filled in my eyebrows, because it just puts the whole entire look together.
Then I added the color Heaven again under my eyebrow.

Then I decided to go with a brown liquid liner, just to match with the brown theme we have going on.


then I took the coco puff and Sexpresso color and mixed those to shades together and started shading my undereye. But only the corners, i didn’t go all the way to my tear duct. The tear duct i added the shade heaven again.
Then I added some mascara, if you want you can add some false lashes to make this look more dramatic, but I just stuck with plain old mascara. I think it gives it a softer and more gentler look. The mascara I used was Loreal Butterfly intenza.

For the lips I used Maybelline lipstick in Barely Brown and Revlon Lip Gloss on top in Bellini.
I Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and hopefully will put this look into practice, you can also use this look in different colors, like a blue or purple themed eye look. !
Thanks for checking out my blog!.

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