Sunset Eye Makeup Look

Hey everyone! I was inspired to create this Reddish sunset look on my eye.
The palette I used was the BH Cosmetics Matte 88 Palette.
FYI Best and most affordable palette if you are a beginner in makeup and just want to start practicing makeup..


You can find it in the link below I have provided!


I have number the color 1 through 5 because I have only used 5 shades! Very simple and easy.

I started of with priming my eyes with urban decay anti aging primer and taking shade number 1 the soft orange color and spreading it across my lid from inner corner to outer corner.

Then I took  shade 2 and 3 and kind of mix them together to get this Burgundy color and I applied it on my outer corner and made a V shape sideways

The take a really fluffy brush and start blending outwards and inwards like wind shield wiper motions. If you feel like you have applied to much burgendy to your crease then just take a fluffy clean brush and go over it. 

Afterwards I added shade number 3 to my lid on the corner again, repeating the same step but without blending it out. This will give more definition to the eye and depth

Then I took a dark brown color which is shade number 4 and I applied it in a V shape form in my outer corner again and blended it out. 

This will give more depth to the crease; instead of having red eye makeup making my eyes look like zombey eyes. And after I blended it out I repeated the same exact process but this time a little bit less.
Remember, you rather build up the colors and blend it out which each step then just to apply it and having it look like this!
Yea I know, not the prettiest eye look

Then I applied a gentle wing eye liner, you can extend it out more or even just apply eyeliner and not even wing it out.

Just winging it baby!

Then I filled in my spars little eyebrows! I also added a white vanilla shade to my brow bone to and blended it downwards to the red and this gives the brow a little bit of a lift. Shade 5 on the palette.
Then I added some Ardell lashes 
in 109 and I used Duo glue.
A little trick …..*( Apply the glue, wait about 30 seconds or 40 seconds, the glue becomes tacky and then when you apply it wont be such a hassle)**


That same brown color I applied on my on my lid I applied softy underneath my eye to give it that smokey look. And just take a fluffy brush and blend it out. Then I applied my concealer, foundation, blush and etc…. If you want you can apply black eyeliner in your water line, or any other color for that matter, or skip that step all together.


The Final look, I finished it off with Maybelline lipstick in Barely Brown 240.
A little bit of a rose colored blush and wallah!
You have your sunset inspired makeup look!

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