YSl Wildly Gold palette review!

A Big thank you to my hubsand! My Hanukkah present!

The YSL Wildy Gold palette.
This palette retails for $95!
It is kind of expansive, but it;s that kind of luxury you can treat yourself to once a year.
You can purchases this at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomindgales, pretty much any place that sells YSL products.

It is a leather case, which makes it more durable and it will last you a while.
it has four eye shadow, 2 lips glosses and one blush.
It has all your basic shades, but with a touch of shimmer to it.

 The quality on these shadows are amazing! wow!

The palette itself smells like sweet berries, not an over powering scent. It comes with a little Blush brush, Lip brush and a eye shadow brush

These are the 4 shade, as you can see the white shade is barely visible, but with a little bit of Mac Fix Plus, you can enhance the shade and make it a gorgeous white.

This is the eye look I created, soft and smokey, perfect for a party or even during the day time if you play it down.
Do you own any YSL products? 
Hate or love it?
Tell me your opinions!
Leave a comment.

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