Beauty ShowDown: Loreal True Match Lumi vs Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

When it comes to picking the right foundation it can get tricky, espacailly drugstore. I know that in the U.S you can’t try foundations before you buy. It’s basically a guessing game, you buy until you get it right. That’s a waste of money and I think people should know what type of foundation they are buying. Here is a review on Loreal True Match Lumi and Rimmel Perfect Match, which one is better?
The Loreal True Match Lumi is a luminous and dewy foundation, perfect for women with dry skin, like me. I love the way this looks on my skin, I instantly look hydrated. My prefer way of application for heavier coverage is using the Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush, brushing downwards to create a more flawless finish. If I want a more lighter finish I go in with my beauty blender. The shade I go with is neutral, although this does have more a warmer finish I tend to mix this up with a little bit of Revlon photo finish foundation. I wouldn’t suggest this on oily skinned women unless you use a matifing primer. The consistency is on the medium to light with medium to light coverage. You can build it up just make sure you don’t apply to much right away. 
My sister recommended this foundation to me, swearing by it. I gave it a go and purchased the shade 101. I really don’t want to talk negative about a product, but I have to for this one. The scent on this is quite strong, which some people might like, although I wasn’t a fan of it. The great thing is that its full coverage, so if you are looking to conceal blemishes, hyper pigmentation this will be your best friend, if you can get past the scent. The color match was spot on, better than the Tru Lumi is the only positive feedback I have for this foundation. I didn’t like how is sat on my skin, it didn’t set as fast as I would’ve liked it to;  had a sticky after feel. It doesn’t have a pump so I tend to spill out more then I would like. The worst part is, its horrible for dry skin, its a lot more versatile for oilier skin. 

To wrap things up and keep it short I have to say that Loreal True Match Lumi foundation wins this beauty showdown!

What is your favorite foundation?

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