Bronze Golden Makeup Look | Revlon + Tarte cosmetics.

Who doesn’t love a sultry and sexy makeup look?
Here are a few steps on how to achieve this look!
The products I used are Revlon photo-ready eye shadow palette in graffiti and tarte bon voyage palette.
We start of with a fresh clean base, I applied my Urban decay primer and then applied the gold copper shadow on my lid from inner to outer corner.
After that I applied a transition shade. What is a transition shade you might ask? A transition shade is a soft brown color, which is applied to the crease and when you apply the darker shade it wont look as harsh.
Blend, blend, blend!!
  Now I applied a Deep plum shade, on the tarte bon voyage palette, the shade on the upper right corner. On my outer corner in a sideways v shape, I went along the lid and up and over the crease
Now start blending in little circles and just blend, blend, blend!!! To the inner and outer corners of your eye, Make sure you don’t apply to much eye-shadow before blending otherwise you will struggle with blending. Remember, its better to start of  with less color and build up then apply to much and struggle with your eyes. It is easier to build up, less is more sometimes.
You can see how the deep plum shade blends into the transition shade very effortlessly,  giving it a softer look.
Now apply the same exact color on your lashes towards the center. Make sure to blend it out creating a soft and smokey effect underneath your eyes. 
Pretty simple right? I lined my eyes with Nars “Longer  Then Life Eyeliner“. I decided to go with a wing liner then lining my water line. Then taking my MAC “Shroom” and adding to my brow bone.
After you have applied your eyeliner, apply some mascara on your top and bottom lashes. 
Then I added some false lashes from Ardell. i forgot the style number name.
I decided to blend out the edge of the wing for a little bit of depth and not having so much harshness for this look.
After you are finished apply your foundation and under eye concealer and clean up under your eye if you have fallen out. blend in the under eye concealer with the color on the bottom of your eye.
And the eye look is complete. I finished it off with some Dior Blush in 763 Corail and  Nude toned Gloss from Revlon in the color Bellini. 


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