Milani Lipstick Review

Milani is a well known company and has been out for more then a decade, or since I can remember. This lipstick I am reviewing for you guys has been the latest craze and it is highly reviewed by a lot of people. I purchased it in my local Walgreens for $3.79. This lipstick is Cabaret Blend, a cool toned red lipstick, when in taken a photo with flash you can see it really looks a lot different then when it is in natural lighting..When you first open up the lipstick you can smell a sugary candy sent. Which kind of reminds me of the 99 cent lipsticks I used to purchase as a child. The color is gorgeous but I didn’t like it when I applied it was very patchy…..One little problem! It bleeds! ah I know, for such an amazing price you think you were getting a great steal but not really. Here is a picture.  Unless I put lip liner on it does bleed threw the crack into my face! It leaves a stain for quite a while which is great if you dont want such a dark look but love the color, just blot the lipstick on a piece of tissue or napkin then you will have a nice burgundy stain on your lips. Overall I do love the pigmentation and the shine it gives but not how it can bleed so easily. I did test it out when my lips were covered in foundation to give it a fresh base and it still bleed. The only time it didnt bleed as much is when I used lipliner with it but it did later on… Sad to say I won’t be purchasing another lipstick from this company, unless they formulate it better.

I had waited about 15 minutes and you can see it already started to bleed on the bottom. (Excuse my peach fuzz!) And the lipstick seats deep into the crevasses in my lips.

And this is the final result after I had kissed my son, drank my coffee and etc… It left a deep stain which I love but it isn’t such an apealing look. Look at my bottom lip!

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